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  1. In "Build" mode it burns whatever files you give it straight to disc (using "device output"). Optionally, it can create an ISO from those files, if that's what you want ("image file output"). There are other programs that will burn audio CDs, so go ahead an get rid of Nero now (I have never, ever had it installed.) Jim
  2. ImgBurn can already burn data DVDs (and CDs? - I haven't done that, but I presume so). Use "Build" mode and add your files, then burn. About the only thing it doesn't burn is Audio CDs. Jim
  3. Very nice little add-on, thanks! I do a lot of "watch & erase" of IPTV shows (like DL.TV, Cranky Geeks, etc) using DVD-RW, so this is a nice little usability feature. Jim
  4. Yes, use "Build" mode. Load the individual files, then burn. Easy Jim
  5. A few, actually. As just one source, have a look over at http://www.videohelp.com/ - what little I know about video stuff, I learned by reading over there Jim
  6. FWIW, I'm in California, and my local Best Buy carries Verbatim DVDs (SL & DL). I've purchased from them and from Meritline.com as well. Jim
  7. Except for using Feurio (bought a loooong time ago ) to burn podcasts to CD for listening in the car, yep ImgBurn handles all my burning needs. Probably use it to burn the backup image files created by my backup SW as well - I trust ImgBurn much more Jim
  8. Another bandwagon-jumping "thank you!" post Great job LUK! and the Beta testers. Jim
  9. I don't think I'll be doing scans on a consistent basis - my curiosity is satisfied for the moment Jim
  10. As cornholio mentioned, it probably has to do with the >10% jitter results. I seem to recall, when checking in on the progress of the scan, that the quality % was higher before the jitter test was performed (in the 90's). Jim
  11. Right, there wasn't much of a difference. Good question! Unfortunately, I didn't take notes on that As I recall, it did take quite a while to perform both scans. And like I commented earlier, it seemed most scan results in the Drive & Media forum that I looked at were scanned on either of those two drives (I now understand why ) Jim
  12. OK, sorry for the delay, but finally got some time to run an "Accuracy" and "Faster" scan on a disc. Media: Verbatim Disc ID: MCC-004-00 Book Type: DVD+R Scanned on my Plextor PX-716A 1.10 firmware. (If these should be moved/re-posted in another forum, let me know.) Accuracy: Faster: Jim
  13. So many things in life can be explained with that simple statement Thanks again for the explanation, I appreciate it. Jim
  14. Just wanted to report back briefly that this worked as easy as LUK! indicated - as far as I was concerned ImgBurn burned the DL data disc just like all the SL ones I've done. No muss, no fuss Jim
  15. You nailed it As I recall, the jitter was 13-14%. That would seem to explain it. It seemed that several of the scan infos I had seen here were scanned on a BenQ drive, which I'm guessing performs better as a scanner? I burned one disc at 12X, and another (same content) at 6X, just to see if there was a difference (there wasn't much). Mainly I was playing around with the new tool - just downloaded/bought DIP last weekend, and the difference's noted earlier more or less caught my eye. Sounds like with my Plextor I just need to take that "Quality" rating with a grain of salt. Thanks, Jim
  16. Probably shoulda mentioned, I have a Plextor PX-716A (1.10 firmware). There *seemed* to be jitter measurements, but I'm at work and can't recall. I'll check when I get home. I'll see what I can do, time-wise. (I was somewhat disappointed in the "Quality" score, which was ~82%, although nothing jumped out as "wrong" based on reading your guide. Verbatim DVD+R - MCC-004 media. Obviously, the discussion can go further once I post results ) Thanks, Jim
  17. Hi folks, Hopefully I'm not out of line asking a question about DIP here. I noticed in cornholio's "meager" guide he suggests using "8x CAV" as the speed for PIPO scans. I've got Ver 4.623, which only has choices of "Accuracy", "Balanced", "Faster", and "Fastest". Any suggstions as to which would be similar to the "8x CAV" setting? Thanks, Jim
  18. Hi all, First let me say I've been lurking/reading here & elsewhere for a while and want to say "Thanks!" to LUK! and everybody here for all the info I've "absorbed" so far (ex: Verbatim DVD+R DL discs are on their way ). The "Build" mode is excellent, been doing single-layer data file burning with complete success. But, I'm about to embark on my first DL burning (after 18 months of owning the DL burner), and my question is similar to Travman's here: http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=2040 except I don't need the DV-AVI files to play on any player - merely using the DL media for backup. Do I need to concern myself at all with the layer-break? Would there be any advantage to sizing the AVI segments so that no single file spans the layer-break? (Easy enough to do when doing the initial "capsfer" with WinDV.) Thanks, Jim
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