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  1. Hello


    I have created a MP4 file in Adobe Premier Elements in its own folder on my desktop.


    Premier Elements automatically creates other folders (Encoded Files, Layouts) in that same folder.


    When I then launch ImgBurn to burn the MP4 file to a DVD, in ImgBurn do I then select the whole folder with the MP4 file and its associated folders, or do I select the MP4 file only. 


    Thank you.



  2. Hello


    ImgBurn is telling me when I insert a blank RW disk: Ready (Disc Not Empty).


    Does this mean I am unable to burn my MP4 movie to that disk, please?


    My Windows 10 PC shows the following (attached).


    There was a movie on that same disk previously but I have used Windows to erase it and Windows tells me the disk is now empty.


    Thanks for any help.







  3. Hello Lightening


    Many thanks for getting back to me.


    The issue is on another PC which I need to travel to in order to access, so please bear with me.


    I will post back ASAP.


    Thanks again.



  4. Hello


    I am having problems burning a movie to a 4.7GB new DVD. ImgBurn gives the following:



    W 20:23:04 Failed to Read Sectors 8960 - 8991 - Reason: Unrecovered Read Error
    W 20:23:13 Failed to Read Sector 8976 - Reason: Unrecovered Read Error
    W 20:23:13 Sector 8976 maps to File: \VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB
    W 20:24:32 Retrying (1)...
    W 20:24:41 Retry Failed - Reason: Unrecovered Read Error
    W 20:24:44 Failed to Read Sector 8976 - Reason: Unrecovered Read Error
    W 20:24:44 Sector 8976 maps to File: \VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB
    W 20:24:53 Failed to Read Sector 8977 - Reason: Unrecovered Read Error
    W 20:24:53 Sector 8977 maps to File: \VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_1.VOB


    Is the problem with the DVD itself and how would I resolve those errors, please?

  5. Hello


    I have been trying to burn a MPG file via ImgBurn for viewing on a TV DVD player.


    I can see the file just fine on the PC, but not on the TV DVD player. This is what I did:




    I chose the Write files/folders to disc, then File | Browse for a source file where I chose my MPG file. Then I selected the icon at the bottom of that dialogue-box and it formatted my blank DVD disk. As I say, the burn was successful and I can see it just fine on my PC.


    Should I have done anything different for TV DVD viewing or does the problem lie with the TV DVD player itself? There is no regional video conflict: I am in the UK and the TV DVD player was bought here and the video is a PAL 25 fps. With other bought DVDs - such as films - the TV DVD has no problem.


    I am just trying to identify whether I have done anything wrong in the burn process or whether it is the TV DVD that has a problem.


    Thank you.



  6. Hello RhoTrux 64


    Thanks for your post.


    It was both: the DVD disk was brand new and I got an error, so ImgBurn offered to reformat it and I said 'yes' and got the error again.


    I am attaching the log - thanks for looking at it.


    Yes, I think everything is up to date - the last time I burnt something to DVD (couple of weeks ago) all was fine.







  7. Hello


    I am trying to burn a movie (4.30Gb) onto a 4.7Gb Verbatim DVD+RW disk. I have tried different speeds (4x and even 1x) and I get this error (please see attached 'ImgBurnError.jpg').


    After that error appears, I get the following message on my screen (again, please see attached 'afterError_this.jpg').


    What do those errors mean, please?


    I have tried to play the DVD (on a TV DVD player) and it stops for a second or two and then continues to play. So I retried it and, again, it stopped (but in a different place). It stops playing every few minutes or so. 


    Is this 'stop start' related to the error messages that ImgBurn is offering me and how would I overcome it?


    Many thanks





  8. Hello


    I use Adobe Elements to edit amateur movies and need to burn them to DVD. These DVDs need to be playable on both computers and, most important, TV DVD players.


    What I would prefer to do is save these movies to my hard drive and then use ImgBurn to burn them to disk, rather than use Adobe Elements burning tool.


    However, I am unsure which icon to choose when I come across the initial interface (please see attached).


    Do I choose 'Write image file to disk'? I usually work with movies in Adobe Elements, save them as Quick Time .mov (or Windows .wmv files), and then burn them to disk.


    Many thanks.




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