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  1. I love helping out newbies...we were all one once. However, lazy people ...? You could have tried a google search or even a look at the main official imgburn site to find out the answer to your question! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ImgBurn
  2. What a cop-out. If you have a contract with an advertiser and then you discover they are scamming your customers do you,.. a) End the contract and find another advertiser that doesn't use such nefarious means of deception. Contact the advertiser and tell them they must stop force installing crapware, or you will find another advertiser... c) Do nothing and blame someone else. Yep, a cop-out.
  3. Opencandy is crap and they are telling the truth. It seems OP has trouble reading, as they clearly state as much in the reply he posted. If imgburn would STOP bundling their software with UTTER SHIT then perhaps they'd have a more favourable review. I'd rather pay than have a malware installer...like a lot of folk.
  4. STOP OPENING MY FRIGGIN BROWSER AFTER INSTALLATION! Damn, you'd think you'd have learned to stop that crap back in the 90's.
  5. Thanks for the new release, can't wait to get my hands dirty and have a look. I got that pm notification too but in this case it was good cos' it brought me here on the right day! Mind you imgburn would have told me of the update when I started it sometime today anyway eh. I love this program and don't use anything else now for burning so cheers
  6. Ok thanks for that. I have an old drive somewhere that I ditched (well to the cupboard) when it started getting a bit tempramental playing back cheaper media - that it had burned itself minutes before! So I'll try putting that in just to see if it will burn OK to these. If so then that is my workaround. I reckon a nice new drive is on the cards anyway. Do you recommend any just off the top of your head...? I was looking at an average priced one, nothing too fancy but capable. Unfortunately it must be an IDE drive..I have no more SATA ports left.. It's been a while since I ventured into the world of burners so is this one any good: LG-GH22NP20 I don't even know if the Optiarc is still a good bet..what about this one: SONY/NEC OPTIARC AD-7201A 20X DVD
  7. AAah I wondered if somekone may think that. As I said, that is the FIRST logfile from many attempts. After that I set about trying to make it work after each failed scan and so after about the fifth, I got the firmware update and it was using that for about another ten or more failures. Exact same error. the firmware changed nothing as far as this situation goes... Here is a log from a later attempt:
  8. Like the title says (I know this is probably not an Imgburn specific problem but I thought it the best place for help!) I went to burn a disc today and tried some new ones I bought a fortnight ago: Verbatims with TY dye DVD-..to be exact, these Visit svp But take note: the discs I just linked to are now changed. They were TYG03 dye and you can see from the older comments that that is what people were getting. I also definitely got those ones and not the ones they are selling now, under the same order code. Mine ID as TYG03 in my burner too so no confusion about it. Anyway I tried to burn and all I got was power calibration area error...over and over. Here is the log from one of the many attempts I made today with these:
  9. Hmm I don't have the logfile any more but in my original complaint/post I posted it and it was verbatim media so erm...that seems to be recommended all over here? Anyway it happened once more then I used nero and it worked ok. I just used imgburn to do a simple iso burn and it worked great as usual though!
  10. AAAh ok thank you so much for such a fast response and erm...Lightning UK I love your software mate Though I wish you still did DVD Decrypter but I am sure that's not the first time you've heard that so ignore that comment I suppose it could just be a bad disc. I am going to try a few different things, including using imgburn to try again. Might also try nero or some other program. I recentely installed (against my better judgement!) ashampoo burning studio 2007 as it was a full freebie on a magazine cover. Every disc I burned in it failed its own verification. yet I then went to imgburn and then nero and both burned well as usual. Well I uninstalled it earlier today. Now I get this problem for the first time. coincidence? Probably as it is a hardware issue it seems. Mind you I don't think I have even rebooted since that uninstall which is most likely not the best way of going about things. I'll let you know how it goes. Cheers.
  11. This just happened to me with discs i use a lot and i already just burned two beforehand. The difference with this one wss that it was a single 4Gb file I was burning so it went as iso/udf. I think there is a bug somewhere..
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