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  1. Hello I would like to suggest a rearrangement of the Verify/Delete Image/Eject Tray etc options so that they are sorted according to the order they get done. Example:
  2. When minimized, the Log window moves to weird places on the screen when moving the main window. Sometimes it even disappears (or goes behind the main window). That's on my XP SP3 pc.
  3. Thank you for the new version. It's nice having the new, Read feature. As I don't have any scratched dvds to test, could you tell if it has the error correcting capabilities of DVDDecrypter? I have managed to read many badly scratched discs, unreadable even with some known CD and DVD data recovery tools.
  4. Hello. I 'm very new to ImgBurn. I am satisfied with DVD Decrypter so I don't try other programs, until I read that ImgBurn is written by the same man. To build an image file of a cd or dvd, we have to choose the source drive and press the green + button, which will select all the files of the disc and add them to the image but won't keep the original volume label, volume identifiers and file system. I think it might be nice if there was a button or something for creating an image of a disc without changing anything and without having the user to set the correct file system options and volume label and identifier. Like it is with DVD Decrypter.
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