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  1. Hm, just a thought, but isn't it possible to send a "reset device" command of some sort, to accomplish the same effect? I've seen drives reset by software before, where they act like they were just powered on... It may not work with all devices, but for those it does (perhaps laptop drives?) it could save a bit of hassle over popping the drive back in...? Just a thought
  2. Well, what happens (and I encountered it countless times while trying to perfect my XP disc) is that when I bring the full-screen session back up, there's ImgBurn sitting there with the "Operation completed!" dialog on top, but as soon as I can see it, Windows redraws all the windows, and the ImgBurn main screen gets put on top of the dialog, but can't be clicked (it just ding-ding-ding-ding's at you when you try clicking it). For some reason, the only way to get the dialog back (to click OK) is to actually alt-tab to ImgBurn (which, according to Alt-Tab's behavior, wasn't already the active app). Can't fix it with the taskbar button... but if there's a gap between the main window and the log window, sometimes I can click the dialog back into view that way. Really a horribly minor problem, and probably not even fixable (nor worth fixing), but... document everything! It's always worth being Googleable edit: Eur, I already said that...
  3. Well, the reason I ask is that I've had problems with burning ISOs directly to DVD and becoming corrupted in the process (won't be bootable), and nLite's direct-to-disc function (using CDIMAGE I think...? somehow?) doesn't work at all with DVDs or DVD+RW's... so I'd figured that ImgBurn makes a different filesystem for DVDs which is why I've always used ImgBurn to burn my OS DVD+RW's All seems to be working fine now... maybe for the moment, who knows, but I've gotta get some sleep and yet another bug in my build surfaced (unrelated to ImgBurn) after I burned my final copy... *facepalm* It never ends... Many many endless thanks for the great app, as usual!
  4. I'm actually starting to think that, although I can't understand why it'd be reproducible in different drives, especially burned on a CD-R at 8x on an older 52x Plextor CD burner. I can't understand how the verify would go through, then the reading-computer would cough up such an odd error... Well, I'm burning my "second final" copy onto CD-R now... hoping not to produce another coaster. This time, I let nLite create the bootable ISO and having ImgBurn burn the image. Not exactly scientific method since there's been more than one thing changed, but... I do need to get this done before tomorrow As for the CD/DVD thing, so you're saying there's... effectively no difference between the way a DVD and CD filesystem is made? I mean, is there anything... at all different? edit: Curiously, I tried that same failed disc back in the computer that burned it, and fired up a VMware installation to try installing from it. It had no errors. It definitely seems like my test-computer had a glitch, but it's... still quite strange. It sounded like an application error... =\
  5. Less? I didn't say less, I just said more organized... e.g. display the most important information in a clear manner instead of lumped up into one big, confusing text field. Sure, I could spend lots of time reading through that blob of text looking for the information I'm looking for, but it'd be much more functional to have it placed in a predetermined location on the page. For example, the media type between CDs and DVDs tends to "float" around that output text, and I sometimes don't even know if what I'm reading is the media type or some other piece of odd information. Seriously, for all intents and purposes I don't need to read about sectors, time, TOC, ATIP... I just want to see media class, descriptor, size, label (if written), supported write speeds, maybe a few other things. Those don't vary from disc to disc and could easily be placed in a clear location (in neat little labels) in the Device tab, while dumping the rest of the information perhaps in a text-box below that. I mean, I'm a techie. If I'm here saying this... how many other people are thinking the same thing but just not saying it...?
  6. Hey... I don't know exactly what goes on inside the file system of a CD/DVD (much more familiar with HDD filesystems than CD/DVDs), so I don't know if this is a bug, or what it is. But it does seem to be ImgBurn related although the error is occurring in another application and regarding a rather hackish mind-bending of Windows Setup... Well, I seem to have found a pattern in a critical error during Setup... actually, the error is in the program, but... bah! Here's the main thread I wrote up all the information in: http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=3670 Basically, when I burned the source files to a CD-R (or a CD-RW), it coughed up that nasty error message, on two different drives. When I burned the exact same files in the exact same way to a DVD+RW, the Setup process worked fine. Perhaps there's some difference between the way... a CD filesystem is burned... compared to how a DVD filesystem is burned...? I really don't know, but it's pretty easily reproducible: CD doesn't work, DVD does work. Halp...? What can I do to help diagnose the problem?
  7. Holy shit, I can't believe I damn near missed this. Happy berfday, d00d! Hope it is filled with many lulz, much fun, good food, and a gratuitous (but not TOO gratuitous... *hurf*) amount of booze and sex!
  8. The one thing I find lacking in ImgBurn is a more "coherent" (readable, rather) display of information about the drive, etc. Half the time I have no idea what in the name of holy shit it's telling me. Then the other half of the time I know I want some information about the disc (like its supported write speeds), I can't find it. Now I'm just reduced to using that display to see if the drive detected a disc... I think the device-info-display could use an overhaul... static fields for important information like disc ID, supported speeds, total sectors, closed/open session... and perhaps a reduced-size "full information dump" display. Perhaps on the wishlist for next year's release?
  9. Ah, yet another reason of a laundry-list of reasons why FAT32 blows. It's so easily corrupted. It's telling you that it found a chunk of dead data laying around and wants you to tell it what to do with it. That usually happens when you accidentally unplug the drive without "safely removing" it shortly after writing something to it. Just run "chkdsk j: /f" (in human words: check disk j: & fix it) and that'll fix it, then run convert again edit: also, doing Alt+PrtScrn will save you the trouble of cropping the screenshot, as it'll take a capture of the topmost window only
  10. Woops! I shall disappear from this thread, then. OP, your "suggestion" is bolded in a reply above... Google it and ask nomore about r(edit:--rruuuhhh...odney!) here!
  11. No, if anything it'll allow you to put more information (metadata, compression, security, encryption) into your existing files. FAT32 is so limited in comparison it's hard to believe people still use it! Far as PMing you with more info, IDK, I don't even want to tread on thin ice as far as getting b& from this forum goes... any mods want to clarify that for me?
  12. wat, that makes no sense. Okay, to be fair, ImgBurn can BURN DVDs (note the name! "ImgBurn"), but it can't even decrypt, let alone rip, a DVD. You need to use other software that's capable of ripping. You have AnyDVD installed and active which is the only reason ImgBurn is even allowing you to touch a retail DVD (AnyDVD decrypts on the fly and overlays your CD drive in Windows with a "virtual drive" so programs can re-encode directly from the disc without ripping). I'd suggest Googling around for a good DVD Rebuilder that can take care of your encoding process... then come back and let ImgBurn handle your burning But we don't talk about that stuff here... edit: *shoves 3 256-disc cases of burned DVDs under the bed*
  13. NTFS is the fix, not the problem... FAT32 (which external hard disks tend to come preformatted as, for compatibility with Macs) doesn't support files that are more than 4gb each. So ImgBurn breaks up the .iso data and spreads it across as many files as it needs, and combines them using a .MDS file which you would then use to burn/mount/etc. instead of the ISO. If you're gonna only use that hard drive on a PC (no writing on a Mac, no read/write ancient Win9x/ME PCs), you can "convert" the drive to NTFS using a simple procedure... 1) Start/Run 2) Type "cmd", click OK 3) At the prompt, type "convert J: /fs:ntfs" where "J:" is your external drive letter (as per your screenshot) 4) Sit back, relax, and watch the conversion, when it gets done you'll have a NTFS drive instead of FAT32!
  14. If you think that, then closing your eyes while you drive is also a good idea because you can assume it'll drive itself Also, that folder content doesn't really... uh... it doesn't really look right. Is that a dual layer DVD you're ripping? You know ImgBurn isn't for ripping DVDs, right?
  15. Hey, hey now... give me some credit here. I was right about the ASCII/DOS thing way back when I know LUK knows *.* about physically putting things on a disc and that's why I always trust ImgBurn for all my burning whenever possible (except when I need to burn a data compilation *sigh* Nero...), but I don't think LUK! spends all day tinkering with Windows and making the latest-n-greatest WinXP disc!
  16. Well, I'm certainly not gonna duck out of being wrong! Dug up an old, scratched, cracked, and barely-still-alive retail WinXP Home RTM disc, and sure enough, IsoBuster showed only an ISO9660 filesystem. Seems kinda strange considering the goofy file structure on the disc. But it's true... there's only an ISO filesystem on a real Windows disc. So ya got me there!
  17. Strange... first time I'd seen it was with the new version =\ I do know there was the check for "settings sanity" and we had a little discussion about DOS/ASCII settings, but I'd never seen it tell me to use ISO only (I'd always be declining that... I know that's caused problems on my WinCDs in the past!). I'll have to see if I can dig up a real Windows CD... I know I've got one around here... somewhere...
  18. Aw, well that's OK, at least it's Googleable now Thanks for the great app, as usual!
  19. Hmm, seems a new change slipped through the cracks? Didn't see this change in the changelog... As has probably been well known, I make a lot of OS install discs with ImgBurn, since ImgBurn knows how to make a DVD+RW bootable while nLite doesn't. Well, with the newest version, seems a small change has been made to produce a "suggestion" about the filesystem used on a OS install CD. Unfortunately it's not a good suggestion... it says to use ISO9660 instead of ISO+UDF or ISO+Joliet. From my experience, ISO is only used for the basic system startup (prior to the "Press any key to boot from CD..." message), and from then on it uses the "alternative" filesystem on the disc (Joliet or UDF, both natively supported in XP) due to ISO's inability to support the filenames that Windows Setup uses for some of its files. For this reason I've always burned with a dual filesystem setup (typically ISO9660+UDF since it's the default and has less errors than Joliet). I felt kinda bad telling ImgBurn to "stick it" when it asked me to use ISO only and I had ISO+UDF selected... any particular reason this suggestion was added?
  20. Just thought I'd point out a small, but very much reproducible and somewhat annoying bug, in a Remote Desktop session with ImgBurn... When running ImgBurn in a full screen remote desktop session and you let the burn continue while the session is minimized on the client computer, then you restore it to see what it's doing, the "Operation successfully completed!" message is on the screen for a split second before the screen redraws and the dialog box gets pushed behind the main ImgBurn window... and it can't be clicked! Only way to get back the dialog box is to alt-tab away and back to ImgBurn, which seems to put the dialog in the right position again. Unfortunately, sometimes (like running in a window) you can't do alt-tab in an RDC session, so... I'd be stuck Just a thought... congrats on the new version too! Looks great
  21. I figure I should bump this, sadly... rpc1.org doesn't seem to be interested in fixing their database... I can't understand why - they used to be the definitive firmware resource! Now they're just a banged-up, poorly formatted forum, despite still accepting and redirecting requests to dl_result.php to the forum (without even searching it or *trying* to be useful). I brought this to their attention, and I got a reply basically telling me to stfu and wait. I've waited, the whole internet has waited. It no longer seems like they care. =| Is there another firmware resource I can rely on? I definitely can't rely on the manufacturers... most drives I've tried researching were too old to even have working manufacturer links anymore, but still had firmware on the rpc1.org site. Now they're no longer there. =\
  22. Well, this definitely isn't a support question, as I'm not having any problems with it, but I'm just dying to know how the heck ImgBurn knew what to label one of my burns. Basically, and to not imply that I'm doing anything less than legal with ImgBurn , I'm using ImgBurn's "build" mode to burn discs from folders with DVD-Video data. The names of the folders are, of course, what I want to name the disc, and ImgBurn always does what it should. But there was one label that ImgBurn spat out that I wasn't expecting. You know, usually the volume labels are ALLCAPS and often stripped down versions of the movie title. Well, somehow, ImgBurn pulled out the full (long) name from one of the folders I was burning... it wasn't in the folder name, and there were no extra files in the structure that would have the name (that I'm aware of)... it just came up with the full name of the movie and threw it in the suggestion box for the volume label. I'm just dying to know where it came up with that name, for sheer curiosity! Is there another place ImgBurn looks for a suggestion of a name?
  23. I see; well I'll be god damned. Yet another piece of fuel for the fire of Vista hatred. Yeah, I'm definitely happy to be using XP (on all my _other_ computers) then.
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