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  1. Updated Albanian translation. * Përkthim i ri.
  2. I just finished burning a CD with this version. Great as always! Thank you, .
  3. , but it's good to know no one else is having that problem and it must have something to do with my system (no printers installed, no filter driver loaded, no antivirus or antispyware except WinPatrol, CCleaner for cleaning and the registry and using the RC version of Windows 7 [2-hour limit, ]). Regards
  4. I don't think I've seen this in previous versions, but every time I go to File > Print in the ImgBurn Log window, ImgBurn crashes. I have no intention of printing anything (I don't actually have a printer installed), but just trying.
  5. Updated Albanian translation. * Përkthim i ri.
  6. Updated Albanian translation. * Përkthim i ri.
  7. Attention to details, as always: thank you, .
  8. Updated Albanian translation. * Përkthim i ri.
  9. I was reading this article on Wikipedia. I have a question about the Limitations part: are they entirely correct?
  10. Your media supports writing at 4x, and you've chosen 2x. Can you try it again, but this time by selecting 4x? Also, please read this page in order to choose the best DVD media.
  11. Hi hindalf, Welcome to the forums. It's better if you post the full log of the failed burn (Help > ImgBurn Logs...).
  12. Updated Albanian translation, .
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