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  1. Wish I could remember - I use any of these burners infrequently and have not developed enough knowledge from experience to chose specific options. So, most likely it would be whatever defaults are set. And again, I wish, that that kind of information was retrievable from an existing DVD :-(
  2. Thank you After a successful burn of a DVD with the current version 2.5.8 of Imgburn I can see the expected details using udfct as
  3. If it is, it is hard enough to find ;-) Can you suggest a way or utility which make that possible? Any idea when - which version - that data was first written anywhere to the disk. Writing it to the log is nice, but that will not be part of the final disc :-(
  4. After wrestling with a timestamp issue from an older version of some DVD burner software, I ended up compiling a copy of udfct from Philips and have now been using it to validate some of my newly burnt media. For Imgburn - just installed today to make sure it is the latest version, it reports one error, though I have no idea, how important or valid the report is: This is as a result of burning a data disc from a directory tree just slightly smaller than the DVD space. For now, I have not found anything that 'does not work' and will use the DVD, but thought it might be worth reporting the issue in any case.
  5. It seems that the DVD medium has a field where Imgburn records itself using the app's name, typically in Last written Developer Id : "*BurnAware " ( discovered with udfct ) IMO, it would be very beneficial to also record the version of the app 'for the record'. It would make it easier to tie questions & potential issue to a specific version
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