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Make Imgburn version part of medium


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It seems that the DVD medium has a field where Imgburn records itself using the app's name, typically in Last written Developer Id : "*BurnAware " ( discovered with udfct )

IMO, it would be very beneficial to also record the version of the app 'for the record'.

It would make it easier to tie questions & potential issue to a specific version

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Yes, I'm pretty sure ImgBurn records which version you're using somewhere in some field when you burn an image to disc.


In fact, from my most recent log:


I 10:13:18 Image File Application Identifier: IMGBURN V2.x.x.x - THE ULTIMATE IMAGE BURNER!


I'm guessing somewhere Image File Application Identifier is written somewhere to the disc instead of just in the image file itself?  :unsure:

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If it is, it is hard enough to find ;-)

Can you suggest a way or utility which make that possible?

Any idea when - which version - that data was first written anywhere to the disk.

Writing it to the log is nice, but that will not be part of the final disc :-(

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Thank you

After a successful burn of a DVD with the current version 2.5.8 of Imgburn I can see the expected details using udfct as


342    Implementation Entity Identifier
      Identifier         : "*ImgBurn"
      OS Class         : #00  Undefined
      OS Identifier         : #00  Undefined
    2    Application Entity Identifier
      Identifier         : "*ImgBurn v2.5.8.0"


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