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  1. Here's the finished new cue sheet which ImgBurn doesn't complain about. Would be nice if when kicking out the "invalid field in parameter list" error it would tell *exactly what text* it has a problem with, like it does when it runs into a file name in the cue sheet that doesn't match a file. Cowabunga - Set 3 - Ebb Tide (1963-1967) - Copy2.cue
  2. I used all the wav files in imgburn to create a fresh cue sheet and I'm copying over the data it didn't include, the catalog number and songwriters. Doing that I noticed that the sheet I have has some of the performers not matching the band/group names. That makes the songwriter tags suspect. So I'm digging in on the web to try and find the right writer info. Some of those 20 tracks are quite difficult to find who wrote/composed them. Then I'll attempt to use this new cue sheet to burn an audio cd. Cowabunga - Set 3 - Ebb Tide (1963-1967) - Copy2.cue
  3. TITLE "Cowabunga! - Set 3 - Ebb Tide (1963-1967)" FILE "01 The Pyramids - Penetration.wav" WAVE REM FILE-DECODED-SIZE 02:00:13 TRACK 01 AUDIO TITLE "Penetration" PERFORMER "The Pyramids" INDEX 01 00:00:00
  4. Sceenshots of info on the one that doesn't work and the sheet from the first disc which does work. Cowabunga Set 1 Ground Swells (1960-1963).cue
  5. It loads but when i try to burn it gives me invalid field in parameter list. The cue sheets I have for the other three discs work fine, after a couple of edits to the file name entries. Cowabunga - Set 3 - Ebb Tide (1963-1967).cue
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