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  1. The disk is 90+ Gb. For some reason ImgBurn stops appending data to the log after the 48,579,680 bytes mark. For both recording and verification, as can be seen from the attached file.
  2. Which becomes a problem when burning BD TL discs: Full log attached. HL-DT-ST_BD-RE_WH14NS40_1.05_VERBAT-IMk-000_4x.zip
  3. Aha! Thought so. Could you please look at this thread?
  4. *bump* @LIGHTNING UK!, have you answered this elsewhere?
  5. Hmm... But I can "append" multiple times using, for example, CDBurnerXP. Is there a strong underlying reason why this functionality is missing in ImgBurn?
  6. Turns out ImgBurn always finalises disc and there is no option to change this behaviour: What's the reason for it? I wrote 4Gb to 100Gb BD and now it's closed.
  7. Normally impossible due to the permissions. If application is installed in $CommonProgramFiles, user won't be able to modify the INI file.
  8. @dbminter, yes. Verification is successful though, zero errors. Here is the graph: Do note that the disk was written using v1.03 firmware and verified on v1.05. This is Verbatim ~100Gb M-Disc.
  9. Why not to use M-Discs for anything important?.. Gone all the problems with dyes, etc.
  10. As the owner of WH14NS40 running latest official firmware v1.05, I do sometimes wonder if it is worth trying an "unofficial" UHD-enabled MK firwmare. Are there any benefits apart from the ability to read UHD Blu-rays? What are the downsides, is there any detriment to its burning capability?
  11. From the infamous category of "spoiled users inventing new features". How about the Windows "dark mode" support?
  12. While the problem can be trivially solved by adjusting binary compatibility properties, it would be nice if ImgBurn can detect 100%+ DPI settings and adjust accordingly.
  13. Been through the similar ordeal and some older binaries without DEP/ASLR support (hello, Delphi!) tend to come up.
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