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  1. It worked! I also deleted the image afterwards and rebuilt it, and the error repeated. So the problem happens only when the file does not already exist.
  2. OK. Saving the project with a Unicode filename also worked correctly, by the way. As for the combobox, I noticed that the non-Latin characters change to question marks immediately after I press the large Build button. If I track down what on my system is messing with the combobox, I will post an update. Thanks again. אבג.ibb.txt
  3. NTFS, the error still occurs when file-splitting is set to ‘None’, and compatibility mode in the Properties dialogue is not enabled. There is also no mention of it in the log. The whole log from another attempt is attached. ImgBurn.log
  4. I should have specified OS and version. Sorry. This is on XP SP3 (English). Unicode seems to work perfectly in other areas. I have no idea why this would work correctly for you and not for me. Are there any other data that you need to track this down? Thanks, and thank you for your prompt reply.
  5. Steps to reproduce: Select any mode where the output is an image file. Set the image filename to something that has non-Latin characters (e.g. אבג.iso). Note that the Destination field displays the correct desired filename. Build. Expected result: The image is created with the proper Unicode filename. Actual result: An error dialogue displays: Unable to create or replace file: C:\...\???.iso Reason: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect. Cancel the error dialogue. Note that the Destination field now displays ‘???.iso’ for the filename. Thank you.
  6. Thanks for the Unicode support! I noticed, though, that it is still not possible to use semicolons in UDF. As far as I can tell, the standards allow it (as do both Nero and NTFS). Any chance of this feature being added?
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