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  1. Paypal will take money directly from a checking account and transfer it to LUK.
  2. I spit on it and then wiped it clean. Lunch was an hour ago so the likelihood of extra particles should be minimal. I may try copying over the files one at a time to the harddrive and then write them back. Though the first time I tried doing that ImgBurn (not the user of course) made me a coaster with a 14 kb file on it. The Read & then Write is much more idiot friendly.
  3. How can you tell whether the error is artificial or just one of the many scratches placed on the DVD by my 3 year old? Just seems odd that if it were artificial that it wouldn't have started until 3.5 gbs into the READ... Love the program, just donated. I 12:20:08 Operation Started! I 12:20:08 Source Device: [1:1:0] _NEC DVD_RW ND-3550A 1.06 (K:) (ATA) I 12:20:08 Source Media Type: DVD-ROM I 12:20:08 Source Media Sectors: 3,966,159 (Track Path: OTP - L0: 2,076,224 - L1: 1,889,935) I 12:20:08 Source Media Volume Identifier: FINDING_Stuff I 12:20:08 Source Media Implementation Identifier: Daikin U.S. Comtec Lab I 12:20:08 Source Media File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02) I 12:20:08 Destination File: C:\FINDING_Stuff.ISO I 12:20:08 Destination Free Space: 84,376,334,336 bytes (82,398,764 KB) (80,467 MB) (78 GB) I 12:20:08 Destination File System: NTFS I 12:20:08 File Splitting: Auto I 12:20:09 Reading Sectors... (LBA: 0 - 3966158) I 12:20:09 Reading Layer 0... (LBA: 0 - 2076223) W 12:28:03 Failed to read Sector 1714160 - Unrecovered Read Error W 12:29:14 Failed to read Sector 1714161 - Unrecovered Read Error W 12:45:53 Failed to read Sector 1714162 - Unrecovered Read Error W 13:17:53 Failed to read Sector 1714752 - Unrecovered Read Error
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