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  1. HOLY CRAP IT WORKED (not that i doubted you ron...it's just that...) THIS IS ALL I'VE EVER WANTED FROM IMGBURN!!! WOOOHOOO!!! really though...thanks for this help - it's honestly changed my life (or at least my workflow). I run a production studio and we CONSTANTLY need to burn a single folder to DVD (and verify it) - I was getting sooo sick of opening Nero 5 times a day. I've used ImgBurn for a LONG time (and the VIDEO_TS plugin) & lately I've commented to lifehacker and other forums, newsgroups, etc. asking for something like this - little did I know the power was there all along...you have no idea how excited I am...all because of a lil registry tweak - now being able to select multiple folders/files would be a nice bonus - but no complaints here life is good...ImgBurn is even better... --bp
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