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  1. Was it from Build mode or from Write (ISO) mode? Your HD might be fragmented, thus it can't keep up fast transfers. Run the Analyze option from Windows defragmenter and check, in the report, if your file(s) appear in the list.
  2. Have you tried the official DivX software? At the very least least it plays DMFs just as your DivX Ultra standalone and in most software players, like Windows Media Player, Media Player Classic, etc.
  3. Disable SPTI - Use 'CdRom' Class in ImgBurn's I/O settings. Doing this seems to help in simulated environments.
  4. Yes, but while a normal DVD-Video must have a VIDEO_TS folder in the root of the disc with at least three files (VIDEO_TS.IFO, VIDEO_TS.BUP, VIDEO_TS.VOB), DivX Ultra puts all the equivalents of this inside a single *.divx DMF (DivX Media Format) file that can be copied to any media, be it CD, DVD, pendrives, etc. As far as we know, DivX players can read from ISO9660, ISO9660/Joliet and UDF discs, with the limitation being, apparently, the 2GB max single-file size of ISO9660/Joliet filesystem. ImgBurn allows you to burn up to 4GB in a single-file in ISO9660(/Joliet) filesystem, but I'm not sure that's compatible with all standalone players. Have you tried a DMF smaller than 2GB burnt with ISO9660/Joliet in your player to see if it works?
  5. Sorry, but ImgBurn is a burning program, not a (re-)authoring program, so you'll need to ask that elsewhere.
  6. Does a DivX Ultra disc need to have some kind of layout like DVD-Video discs do? In other words, do you just burn a few *.divx in UDF format, or do you have to have some kind of folder structure to put the files inside?
  7. You only need a MPEG2 decoder if you want to play a DVD-Video (movie, series, etc). If you want to read the contents of a DVD (i.e. showing what files/folders are inside, copying files, etc), Windows XP already does this and doesn't use (nor needs) codecs for that. By the way, I don't think he was able to burn the *.bkf file as an image, since ImgBurn would say "Invalid or unsupported image file format!".
  8. Have you tried Alcohol 120%?
  9. Sorry, I didn't mean to be pedantic. I try and quote the relevant part so one doesn't need to read the whole topic to understand what I'm talking about. I was just trying to point out that there are valid reasons to store ISOs inside RAR archives, and if ImgBurn supported burning that, it'd be awesome. But I doubt very much that LUK will ever implement that, since he wants to have only one EXE with absolute control over it, and to support RAR he'd have to use UnRAR.DLL and/or other external DLLs.
  10. Mount the ISO in a virtual drive with Daemon Tools and, with ImgBurn in Build mode, add the VIDEO_TS folder from the virtual drive, then click the calculator button and ImgBurn should show you the possible layer break positions.
  11. The ability to resume doesn't mean that you're getting the file without errors. In fact, most download managers, by default, don't rolback when resuming. This is so true that almost everywhere you find CRC/MD5 sums to check if the downloaded file wasn't modified, regardless of size. Even ImgBurn has it on its download page.
  12. Split RAR archives are used more for splitting the data for easier transfer over the (unreliable) Internet than for the compression. By the way, ISOs of applications/games do compress quite well, even past the point of having a dual-layer ISO fit in a single-layer disc.
  13. You can also try and read at the slowest speed. To do this in ImgBurn, go to Tools, Settings, Read tab, enable Set Read Speed, choose 1x and click OK. Notice that not all drives obey this command, but the ones that do will slow down to their minimum speed and you'll have a better chance of reading your data.
  14. It would be very useful, indeed, and isn't hard at all to implement, but we all know where most multi-file RAR archives come from, don't we? Of course, one could argue that compressing an ISO with RAR could drastically decrease the size (mostly it does), but I don't think it would stick.
  15. I don't know if this is intended behaviour or just some leftovers from old behaviour, but, while in Write, Verify or Discovery modes, the old keyboard shortcuts for other modes (R,B,W,V,D) and Log and Queue (L,Q) still work. In Read or Build mode, only their CTRL+ALT+X respectives work. If I wasn't so used to DVD Dec*cough*... err, the former program , I wouldn't even have noticed these. Anyway, thanks a lot for this great program, I really love it!
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