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  1. Quote


    Have you ever been able to grab a dual-cap DVD player with a Samsung Model SE-208 and with the IMGBurn version

    I did not have any problems with the Verbatim, but I bought a MediaRange box and finalized the grab, but when I tried to reproduce it on the DVD I said I had no disco.

    For sure, they say that he intended to grab his "Video_TS", or that he has the same DVD video.

    Thank you and hope you have a solution.



    google translate gives me this, i assume the 'mediarange' disk is cmc ink and not good quality.

  2. one way would be to convert your mono file to stereo by using this simple guide , using free software 


    you can then burn your stereo .wav file with imgburn.

    i'm not sure that imgburn will do any mono/stereo conversion.

  3. you just click custom installation and leave the ticks out of the 'install search' and 'i allow' checkboxes

     it's not that difficult

    this type of installer is popping up on most types of freeware, get used to it


    no need to be obnoxious

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