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  1. Scouse twat!!! ;o) Hows it going dude?

  2. Hey up scouser! Hows it going mate? Hope you are doing ok.

  3. Is that a confession on your part mate????

  4. Blimey! Another one with pervy pics in his profile! Disgraceful!! :~)

  5. ....as smooth as a scousers shellsuit!!!

  6. Nah, Chris Evans isnt usefull like a cunt is!!!!

  7. I've had a sack,crack and back wax, so i'm all ready for ya big boy!!!!

  8. Set of hubcaps and a car radio!!!

  9. Bloody hell! Youre hitting on me as well now!!!!!!! :o)

  10. jack

    Happy birthday mate!!

  11. Hi mate. A much belated merry xmas and a happy new year to you and yours.

  12. Hey up db! Always drink the tea! Tea is good!!

  13. Maybe you want to take the shoes off me as well, do you big boy? Well, do ya??? :~)

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