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  1. I thought my donation was supposed to make the release faster
  2. I think Padus DiscJuggler used to do it as well.
  3. DVD-DLs are still expensive because they never found a way to manufacture them efficiently. All though they seemed to be able to press them just fine...
  4. Somewhat... When you first start your computer, you hit a key to enter your basic system configuration. This key is usually "del" but can be F10 or F2 if you own either a Dell/HP/IBM. It should tell you a small message say hit "this" key to enter BIOS. Then again if you don't know how to get to it, I wouldn't recommend playing with it.
  5. You can't justify a free burning program that is easy to use and fits on a floppy over Nero which is easily ten times the size for the burning core of the program. The commonly used features are all on par and for the rest; they require the 10 separate modules Nero installs. Now you could just say but it doesn't support burning audio cds, though last I checked that was broken from late 6.xx series to late 7.xx series anyways. (the broken mp3 conversion dll) The lighter footprint allows it to run smoothly on older machines, so it typically decides not to freeze when the buffer runs out, unlike another program. Imgburn costs about $79.99 less then Nero as well. In a world of rampaging pirates that doesn't mean a lot, but if free works better then pay, why bother jumping hoops?
  6. Burrrn works great as a companion to ImgBurn if you require audio CD support.
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