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  1. It just means your pioneer doesn't like them.


    Use a different brand/mid or use a CD-R. Hell you could even burn it to DVD-RW / DVD+RW if you wanted!


    I've made many tests and i've noticed that it only happens if KIS 2010 is activated, if i close it or if i use KIS 2009 the same ISO is burned successfully with the same Writer & Cd-Rw.



  2. Are you sure the resulting image was only 90mb?


    What does the calculated size come out to? There's a lot of slack space involved with burning little files.


    ie. 2049 bytes of file data is 2 sectors (4096 bytes).


    90 meg of pure image file data would of course fit in a 128 meg buffer.


    You're absolutely right, there's a lot of slack space involved :


    Size of the directory 85,8 MB (90.011.590 bytes)


    Size of the directory on disk 928 MB (973.651.968 bytes)


    and i created and Iso of the same directory --> Test.iso = 281 MB (295.108.608 bytes)


    Btw with this memory :


    Total Physical Memory: 1.048.048 KB - Available: 701.908 KB


    And without using other programs when ImgBurn is burning, is it possible/safe to assing an I/O Buffer of 256Mb instead of 128Mb, to try to avoid buffer underruns when burning directories with small files (obviously much less files than in the test).


    Thank you very much.

  3. Please note that this one isn't quite right yet and I rejected it.


    I'm agree, i think that i'll continue using english language, but i'd like to be able to modified some lines, specially in [frmSettings], to make it more easy to understand to me (english is not my mother tongue), may you include a link on download page to an English.lng file, so it can be easily modified using any text editor ?.

  4. Though I'd like to suggest installing this feature in a later build if you have one planned. Imgburn's feedback during the burning process makes it better (and more reassuring ;) ) than Nero in my eyes and this feature is probably the only thing preventing me from using Imgburn solely.


    I absolutely agree with asifbaig, i hope we will see this feature soon on ImgBurn, thanks.


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