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  1. I've asked for help on TC forum, maybe it's possible to solve the problem with a TC' plugin or similar. Thanks.
  2. No, i mean a different thing. Let say that i want to burn a DVD that it'll contain directories from two different hard drives ( C: & D:). TC doesn't let me select directories from two different hard drives simultaneously, so that i'll have to do it this way : First i'll select directories from C: and then i'll execute imgburn /SCRLIST "%L" to create a new project with these directories. I'll have to repeat the process with D: directories and execute imgburn /SCRLIST "%L" again, but these directories should be appended to the previous ones, to create only one project with all directories. Thank you
  3. Thanks . If it is possible, please let user append different file lists to the same IB project.
  4. Hi , i'm a newbie about IMGBURN but i'd like to add multiple files/folders to IMGBURN from TC. Total Commander can create different types of lists : Which one do you think is the best for IMGBURN ? In order to be able to launch IMGBURN from TC i must configure TC this way : and IMGBURN will recieve this (TC'll change file names so that CMD8A.tmp is not a constant) : I've been testing and it doesn't work, if you introduce /SRCLIST switch may you consider to also accept .tmp files ?. It may be a good idea also to create an /SRCLIST APPEND switch, to append different files lists to the same project. If i only use ImgBurn.exe /SRC "C:\BackupProject.Txt", will IMGBURN use all my other current IMGBURN settings or i have to add other switches to command line ?. I've tried Imgburn /SRC "C:\LIST.TXT" (executed from command line) and IMGBURN starts in buildmode, but it doesn't assume each line is a folder, only C:\LIST.TXT appears on source, what am i doing wrong ? Thank you very much for such a great program .
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