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  1. That's exactly what i was asking for, but it doesn't appear on my system ( & Xp Sp2). Check this image.
  2. I'm a newbie using ImgBurn, and i'm sorry if i misunderstand something. You're saying that "View media information" is visible in all modes, i found it in Read mode, but i can not find it in Build Mode, may you help me ?, thanks.
  3. Hi, i'm using /SRCLIST command line switch to add lists of folders & files to the 'Source' box and it works great . But i think that i've found a minor bug, if you configure "Calculate Image Size" to "Auto" (build mode), this feature doesn't work when you start ImgBurn with /SRCLIST switch. Thank you very much !!.
  4. Solved, if anyone have a similar problem, it was caused because i was using "Franklin Gothic Medium" font in message box, it was solved changing the font to "Tahoma". Thanks .
  5. There was a problem with your attachment and Orange server but finally i've recieved your attachment, i've sent you an email with requested info. Thanks .
  6. I've tested on two different computers with Xp and 120dpi and i have found same problem on both of them. Thanx.
  7. Hi !, i've have taken screenshot of both versions on Xp Sp2, and new font seems to me smaller and a little more difficult to read without glasses, may you let users choose which font to use ?. Screenshots ( Windows XP - 1152x864 - Large Fonts 120ppp ) ImgBurn screenshot ImgBurn screenshot Thank you very much .
  8. Thank you very much for this new version . It seems to me that v2.4.0.0 program font size is smaller than previous version, is it possible to change it ? Thank you.
  9. If you want to select files from TC maybe this may help you.
  10. It's solved, i can even choose the name of the list file, so that there will be no more problems with *.tmp files created by TC.Thanks.
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