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  1. Im planning to buy some DL disc and it seems like Ive either have to settle with paying some 30 SEK (3.25 EUR) for Jewel case dics or 26 SEK (2.82 EUR) for Cakebox discs. Any difference between those discs? Or if anyone knows where I can get those discs cheaper, please tell me. And youp, the price also has to include shipping to sweden. Thanks
  2. There are really 0 hits when doing a google search for "zeroloss linking" but Im guessing youre refering to these system(s?) that makes the drive able to continue writing after a buffer underrun? On my NEC 3540A it really doesnt work as good as it should do. For a while ago I should make 100 copies of two discs. I put one of the images on my raid array and one on my way too slow system drive. I got only one coaster from the copy I put on the raid array while I had 5 coasters from the image I put on the system drive. And another reason is that it acctually takes longer time to write with buffer underruns. Not much longer, but still, a couple of secounds.
  3. I just realized that the default buffer size for ImgBurn is only a mere 20MB. When writing at 16x youll get a buffer underrun by simply opening Firefox (if you keep your programs and images on the same drive and its not one of those super-fast oh-so-fancy drives that costs a whooping 10 Euros more youve got in your computer. ). I think raising the defaults a bit would be a good idea. Or even better, make the program check how much RAM is available and set the buffer size automatically. Just a suggestion though.
  4. Not true. According to the 'User Guide for Nero Burning ROM 7' section 11.5.3. Oh, could someone please remember me to not talk about things I have no idea about? Well, in Nero 5.5 (Later versions are way to bloated for me to install them ) it does not verify against the original as there is no(t much) file reading.
  5. Nero only tests if its possible to read the disc or not, it doesnt really verify what it has written. Edit: Reread your post and I saw that you had already taken care of that part. Are you sure you dont have AnyDVD or DVD43 running in the background? They changes the files on the disc on-the-fly while READING. (That is, the written DVD is indeed correct but it looks different.) Otherwise i have no idea, but posting a log is never a bad idea
  6. It sucks!! Nah, just kidding, its great. Im playing around with it right now and the new queuing function looks like it could become really, really great. Thanks!
  7. http://raddajens.foo.se/ For those of you thats not Swedish: Jens cant sing at all. The only reason he was put in the show was to be laughed at and being voted of the show. But he is still very close to wining Idol 2005 in Sweden. If he wins it will most likely mean that there wont be an idol 2006. Or at least the hated Jury (that also hates Jens) will be quite.. hmm.. #%?%? pissed off. And loose a lot of money. So please, vote for Jens.
  8. Great, thanks! Ive just spent the last minutes reading up on how GetOpenFileName works, and I came to the same conclusion as you, OFN_NOCHANGEDIR should most likely take care of it. But according to MSDN it doesnt work with NT4/5. But please dont tell your computer that... Thanks again. Thatll save me several seconds next time Ill have to reinstall.
  9. Oh, sry, just checked, and youre right, its the folder that is locked, not the file. Im afraid I dont know exactly how ImgBurn is written, but it surely has to be some way to close the file and change the active dir (so the program returns to the state it was in before I opened any file)?(Or else just (automatically) open a dummy file and replace the file name with "Please select a file..." But that feels like too much of a hack for even myself to think its a good idea. ) @dontasciime: I think you got it exactly right, its just that I dont decide if I want to keep the image or not until after the burn. (quoting myself) Just reread cornholio7 answer and realized I had misunderstood, but in sort of a good way. I thought he meant that if I click the browse button I ImgBurn I can delete both the file and the dir. And it _is_ possible to do it that way.
  10. Yup, that works. But requires some precision work with the mouse.. But thanks for the suggestion. At least its easier than reopening ImgBurn. @dontasciime: I never use such features as Im afraid it deletes something I want to keep. (That is, if the disc doesnt work or Ive made a mistake and need to reburn it.)
  11. Hi! Id love to have the ability to unload an image once its loaded. I usually keep ImgBurn open 24/7, but to be able to delete the Image Ive just written to disc I have to either close down ImgBurn or load another image as its locked. A couple of suggestions on how this can be done: By pressing ctrl+w Adding a File --> Unload command Right clicking the file name (and pop up a menu/unload Image directly) [Add better Ideas here ] And another tiny suggestion: Add select all/select none buttons to select file associations in the options window. I just wasted almost 10 seconds by clicking all those check boxes.
  12. Wonderful. Just wonderful. Thanks.
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