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  1. I 2nd that one. Other than the minor Optimise issue I'm having, that is the only other addition I'd like to see. The ability to rename for making compatible with chosen file system, etc. (I haven't tried making a file too long yet, does ImgBurn suggest a new name, prompt, auto rename, or just abort and warn?) You'd have to filter whatever method used to rename for chars that aren't allowed too. Having things in a tree structure would be nice too. Maybe when Recurse Subfolders is checked it adds them all instead of doing it when time to build. That way you can select folders you don't want. Right now it is kind of limited to what you can do with items in subfolders. Current could be improved maybe by at least specifying a Base Path, so when manually adding files it keeps their path starting from the Base and not the entire path from root. Making it a Listview would look nice too (And gives you the option to rename the label, so files can be renamed without another control/window). Set its Imagelist to SHGetFileInfo(ByVal 0, 0, sfi, Len(sfi), %SHGFI_SYSICONINDEX Or %SHGFI_SMALLICON) and use the sfi.iIcon returned from SHGetFileInfo("FileName", 0, sfi, Len(sfi), %SHGFI_SMALLICON Or %SHGFI_SYSICONINDEX) as the image for each file and you have a nice Explorer-Like List with low resources too.
  2. Did the email help any, or is there any other tests/files you need? I could trying burning directly maybe...now that I found the menu option I've been using it all this time up till a couple days ago thinking I always had to build ISO then burn. Does it still build a temp ISO, or burn direct? If it burns without a file it may help to test it and see if it is just the file build process..
  3. Sent. I was able to repeat it with my Xara files. I had repeated it twice before, so knew it would do it again. Counting the lines in the log file, there are 7,367 Duplicate Files. Here are a couple screens too (Both File System Types have LBA=0):
  4. Initial problem was IMON, something about how all apps hook the internet API and conflict with each other, so they advised me to disable it until 3 came out. 3 isn't much better although the interface looks nice. They are ripping us Win2003 users off too. They changed their licensing, so now when I need to renew in 2009 it will cost me $215 instead of $50 just for a year...If I want my 2yr again it will run me $325! Hopefully something better comes out by then or they get their head out of their crack...
  5. Only thing I can think of is my project is bigger than the examples tested with certain files being duplicates vs. whole folders. And, maybe even cases where the subfolder of one folder has files another folder has, etc. One project I made that didn't work either was a backup of all my Xara software to one disk instead of having a disk for Xtreme, 3D, XaraXone Tutorials, Videos, etc. Xara is in the UK too (Seems all the good stuff is ), so this may be something you have and can try too since sending you the ISO or attaching/pasting anything large here won't work...my file list is attached. Other than that my OS on my main box is Win2003, but that is stated as supported on the page. DIRLIST.zip
  6. Took a while to find an existing thread until I realized optimize was spelled wrong in the options. I try to always post to existing instead of creating duplicate reports. I can confirm this bug report, although not to the extent of the iso data being in the 2nd file, etc. To make sure I'm understanding this properly, this feature is kind of like the original Age of Empires copy protection...although in its case backwards...where the one location of the file is pointed to multiple times to make the file too large to copy, so you can always tell the frauds on Ebay, etc when the game is said to "not play the video", etc. In your case you want files that have the same content to not take up space, so point all entries to the one location right? In my case I'm backing up my programs that I write and most directories have my standard license agreements and Readme files that contain the same content. So I check this option and it appears to be working- In the log it shows it found all the duplicates, etc...but when I open the ISO in ISO Buster as you did the 2nd+ duplicates all have an LBA of 0. When the disk is burned everything looks fine on the surface with file sizes and everything, but only the 1st/original files will open, all others freeze explorer. So far that is the only "bug" I've found. In fact your software has replaced my Nero 7 lately as in the last few versions for some reason it gets write errors on my CD Recorders...not to mention them cramming spyware down our throats and for some reason ignoring my speed setting all the time when I select to burn DVD at 8x and CD at 24x I add my files and select to burn and it puts them right back to the highest and creates coasters for me because the outer rings/tracks are fainter at higher speeds. If you had an easier way to add files/folders you'd put them out of business! Your Dual Layer support is awesome, you actually know what you are doing and how to do it, and even have funny error messages when we do something dumb! Nero's support is useless. All they ever want is a log file, then they forget the original question, feed you with FAQs till you are ticked off, then they pretend it is your fault or blame other software/hardware. Keep up the good work and come tax season my Nero 8 upgrade money will be coming your way(I wish I could do it sooner, but the wife would kill me).
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