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  1. New Version looks nice. All the new features are laid out well. Can't wait to test this out when I get off work. Nice Silent Updates too...Shhh, don't tell anyone.
  2. Yeah, Most early DVDs never had it, but I have seen a lot of new ones with it...and I think Nero 7 is when I started seeing it added in the file list. Some New DVDs actually have files there. I thought that folder was for DVD Audio discs...I wonder what the files are that are in there? Perhaps pointers to the audio of the movie so it plays? Or, just a message saying it is a Video Disc? The files are usually really small. Just the option to have it off is all I needed even though it may not be compliant.
  3. Well, since we ruled out ImgBurn, what AV do you have? I'd start with options for what files it is set to scan too. Perhaps it is set to a default of scanning all files? Might want to see if it supports just scanning possible virus files as most do, that way it will only scan a list of files possible to be infected. This will speed up your PC and the scan process, and hopefully remove those types of files from being grabbed by the AV. I'd check the list of file types and make sure it doesn't include that extension/type too.
  4. It still amazes me how people still post stuff like this. Might as well post: Yeah, I've been trying to figure out how to rob my local bank. I can't seem to find a good place to buy a gun though, and those darn cops are always in there that can take me to jail...anybody got any ideas? Makes you wonder if people are actually that dumb, or if it is just some plant trying to see what LUK will reply with...I mean, come on people, if you are going to do something illegal figure it out yourself! If you aren't good at it then you probably shouldn't be doing it. There are a lot of people in jail right now that would tell you the same thing about their profession.
  5. Actually, if an app is the one with the file open it can still modify it including deleting it. Aside from a possible close file miss, Windows does tend to keep file handles open itself very often. I have this problem in a few apps. It does it even more when there is an AV installed. Sometimes the AV itself has the file still open and scanning it for some time. It may even appear that the app itself has it open when in fact it is the AV since it is hooked in between.
  6. Good Post Falcon, I'm often using it the very same way. After Nero 5, 6, and 7...I jumped off the Nero wagon to find something better. I mostly use Nero 6 now if I ever need something ImgBurn can't do. Usually as a quick audio file converter- mp3->wav, wav->mp3, making audio CD (Just cause I haven't went to the latest because some issues with features I use a lot still in the works waiting on next release, etc). I haven't noticed the option, but a post above mentioned the AUDIO_TS folder...one thing Nero does is allows me to remove that folder. Any chance on getting that as an option for ImgBurn if not there? Other than that I've been pretty ticked at Nero's release practices. With 6, 7, and 8 they released them and made us pay for them when the previous still had bugs. Then started forcing us to get spyware toolbars and other garbage with their releases (Most AV even kill the install when finding them). They no longer release smaller by language files either and you have to download the huge Multi-Language version. I used to use WinRAR to strip things out and resave the installer, then it started corrupting the actual install like it checks for the spyware being there??? Then they went to this 7-Zip stuff I couldn't crack well. I complained about this in a pretty rude manor on their forums and told others not using ImgBurn to come on over. It was up 2-3 days before the idiots noticed, they banned me now...like that was a big threat! Not going back anyway! Keep up the great work. Can't wait till next version to try all the new features. New version does audio...but does it or the next do Audio CD Text? With that all I'd need would be a good 3rd Party audio converter and I'd have everything. If only LUK did Video Editing...hehehe I've been looking at something like DVD LAb...still a little pricey, but has nice low level features the big apps don't do.
  7. weisborg

    New Build?

    Cool. Keep up the good work. Tax Refund wasn't as good as expected, but my donation will be on the way soon...Nero is pretty much useless to me any more, and even less after I put them in their place on their forum for how stupid they were to force paying customers to download spyware with their installs and leave Ver 7 with bugs and going right to 8. I know everyone always asks, but if you ever need any help testing, I'm just an email/message away. One thing great is that you listen to the people and if things are reasonable you make it happen. I reported an issue to the ZoneAlarm folks for 2 years and they never fixed it. Their options to block HTTP Headers and such that identify and their cookie protection both block LastModified times in HTTP Headers and effectively make browser cache useless because it requests all page data from the site all the time since it doesn't know if it is changed (And in some cases didn't even block what it was intended to)...not to mention after fully testing the thing I found that it only blocked the tests and not the actual attacks so they looked good on paper.
  8. weisborg

    New PC build

    Yeah, I've been watching that one too. If it were cheaper I'd probably go for it, but that big giant fan on top going out is what I'm worried about. I haven't seen a replacement for it yet. I guess it could still serve as a top vent though since heat rises. I may get one of those little box things with a handle and put a micro board in it for gaming too. I just can't decide. I like my E8400, but sold my backup PC parts on Ebay, so need to build another. I want a Quad- Either Q6600 or if Intel ever makes a cheap 45nm Quad. I had been a die-hard AMD/Ati guy for a long time, but they have been lagging behind in cache forever, then when they merged with Ati both now suck. I have yet to get any of my Ati cards output true HD. After the AIW 8500 they dropped analog tuners that used to get in channels with rabbit ears and went to digital that required cable...then everything went HD now so all their tuners are useless. There programmers making their drivers are idiots. I knew they were going down hill as soon as none of them could program anymore and went to a .NET Control Panel. Every time I download the drivers I rip out the stupid CCC folder and put the old Control Panel back. Much more stable and it only misses a couple options. I love the Intel stuff now, and so far the 8800GT works with everything except PowerDVD 5...for some reason the install blows up when it used to work fine with my old stuff.
  9. weisborg

    New PC build

    Hmm, no clear side and the USB ports on the bottom of the front with that little door drive me nuts. I have an old RaidMax with color changing LED Bubble tubes like that. In fact inside they look almost the same for the most part other than it has a clear side. I've been trying to find something like it with better USB, a clear side with CPU tube and 120mm fans. Has plenty of room for cables. My Ultra Grid kinda sucks for room and the curved metal is annoying, especially when some edges are still sharp, so they made tight squeezes for fans and getting tools in for the PCI slots only to still have edges that cut. I'm not too impressed with the tool-less drive stuff, could be my Grid case though...wimpy little spring loaded things holding one side then a plastic deal with little spikes that poke in one side and twist a knob. Opticals and Floppy wiggled and the HDDs made noise. Popped those things out and used all screws where the plastic things went and all is good now.
  10. weisborg

    New PC build

    What is the model of that case, I like the way the layout and frame work look. Any pics from the outside? (Front, Side, Rear)
  11. weisborg

    New Build?

    Shortly after the release of the latest build there were a couple threads I seem to remember seeing concerning OS Boot CD/DVDs having issues...maybe even something about file sorting mixed in there, and issues with that warning box that comes up concerning them and even some improvements on it with screenshots. Then some kind of UDF error (possibly only the new versions, etc). There was a comment about having a fix out by the weekend (This was right after the build released), then most of the threads seemed to have moved focus to Power Calibration and How to Pirate Smash Bros...and a few of the normal media stuff with write errors and DL stuff. I was just curious what the status is on everything. I ended up going back to the previous version because the majority of what I burn are OS DVDs with all SPs and Patches slipstreamed and an App I created that will install whatever Office Version I want, Recovery Console, Latest Direct X, FireFox/Thunderbird, Java Stuff, .Net, Reg tweaks, etc. And, various Home Video to DVD projects and such. I wanted to try out the new version because there was a DVD Video fix for some UDF issue with a few players and the Optimise Files was fixed, plus other options like File Sorting and such. If there is an issue remaining with OS discs though, what are they? And, what are workarounds if any? Also, is there a build with the little stuff like this fixed, or is it waiting on other issues that have been coming up? No rush or anything, I'm just wondering about everything. I know how it is developing stuff. I develop myself and have Beta tested my apps, Win2K, ZoneAlarm, various Magix software, PowerBASIC, and Cyberlink PowerDVD. I know how important it is to have a good build and how much it sucks to have beta tested it to death only to miss the simplest bug on release day. Sometimes it is good to put a quick fix out for small things that effect most of the users...I just didn't know where everything stood or if it was nothing to worry about.
  12. weisborg

    TY Media $4 off

    Not sure if anyone knew already, but a friend of mine sent me a link for meritline.com - TY DVD-R 8x 100 Disc Spindle at $4 off with code TY4OFF. Pretty good price if you don't burn over 8x (Good through Sun).
  13. Or release it on dvd on Monday Disney isn't that quick. They'd either: 1. Have them on the Mickey Mouse Club, Create a Boy/Girl Band out of it and promote it secretly for 5 years and make them the next hot rock group. or 2. Lock it away in the Disney Vault for 10 years then release a special edition of it. Then lock it away again and in another 10 years release the exact same thing with a different cover and call it digitally remastered.
  14. Something like the DVDFab/DVDIdle group advertise on their page. Not DVD Audio Disc, but a DVD Video with Audio only and maybe a static image with audio...this would be an interesting improvement. Only thing I'd see wrong is it could take some time/effort to do, and the other guys sell their's for $40, so they would miss out on some business. Other than that, it would be a cool addition.
  15. Only difference I knew of was bigger (Maybe a PNG format, but I don't see a need for that unless you want to or Vista is capable of dragging the icon frame and resizing like Linux). The latest MicroAngelo supports custom/bigger sizes. Other than that they just have Alpha channels which XP already has. Usually in my apps I have an optimized 256 color and an XP with Alpha for each icon and a 32/16 so 2-4 icons in each file. Best size and covers it all. The only icons I ever have to worry about are task tray icons as it appears Pre XP only supported 16 colors, so usually I make a different icon for it. I see no need in bloating the app by adding Vista icons...maybe the main app icon for when the shortcut is on the desktop or something, but what purpose would giant icons have in the actual app??
  16. I had this very issue with my 203N and an Asus P5N-D Motherboard. Been using the stock M$ drivers and it worked. Today I decided to look around and downloaded nVidia's 750 drivers. Using WinRAR to extract the folders I compared them. Many files were the same, but for some reason Asus's drivers had a new version, but an older date??? Not sure why they are versioning different, but I decided to install nVidia's drivers and now my 203N works fine...could be an Asus/EVGA issue where they feel the need to brand their own drivers and screwed something up.
  17. What Smallville Season/Episode are they up to in the UK? Episodes are coming back like Mid-March (1-2 weeks) here in the US. Last Episode here was Fracture in Season 7- Lex is shot and Clark enter Lex's mind, then Cloe heals Lex to save him and allow Clark time to get out, etc.
  18. I use Nod32 for AV too...good AV, but I hate the new licensing they went to with the 3.x switch (Win2003 users have to spend a fortune now and they made a new version with Firewall, but don't include it in updates from 2.x when the yearly license plans clearly stated that any improvements were included with the license...2 years of a license that can't be renewed as well since they no longer offer the multi-user home license model. They were jerks on phone and email too and just wanted to sell me $1000 worth of licenses that I already paid for. They should have kept it where it worked with any Windows like 2.x did.). There is a lot of lag in it, especially during boot when for some reason they feel the need to do an update (Really dumb updating when the most activity is going on). They really need a check for Sys Activity or something. The new version 3.0.642 fixes some lag. I notice it boots and updates faster, but still does it whenever it feels like it. There is also Major Lag if you turn on checking for Runtime Packers...not sure what they do, but it almost seems like they run it in a hidden sandbox or something while realtime scanning to get it in memory and check it for viruses??? Whenever I have that enabled my Start Menu goes nuts like it is scanning every exe that the shortcuts point to. Like LUK said though, it is all a matter of if the system can handle it. Core 2 helps as does drive type and cache. I myself had been holding back on SATA for a while until my latest PC which is all SATA. I never noticed much difference in SATA burners. Hard Drives are a little faster. With PATA you always had the 2 channels and Master/Slave you could adjust placement so other drive activity didn't cause lag. SATA from what I read still sounds like it has a 2 channel grouping setup still, so perhaps putting the drives on a different SATA channel grouping will help. Lately I disable AV and Firewall while burning and even cut the burn speed down to 24x for CD and 6-8x for DVD just because I don't like the fainter rings when the drive speed ramps up. Kind of a toss up lately for when the buffers go low. Its better than Buffer Underrun and a coaster like it used to be, but it sounds like it still creates possible issues. I never get that deep in my analysis though, although it does sound interesting when read about- Is there a Thread/FAQ somewhere on the types of spikes and what all the line charts mean somewhere?
  19. weisborg

    New PC build

    Thanks Ascii, didn't even think of the device options, usually the defaults are fine and my other onboards didn't have that option. It was set to CPU, so I'll try it out again.
  20. Wow, more options by the minute. I usually turn off the success sound, but always like the error sound, then I know if something went wrong. Kind of a No News is Good News way of burning. The Blonde saying "Oh No!" really gets the point across too. The little tune on success kinda scares the crap out of me. I used to have a download accelerator app that played the Jurassic Park T-Rex Roar on Completion...that was pretty cool. I think a voice like a Butler or something saying the disc is ready would be cool.
  21. You won't have any luck getting to Windows/Forms either. What exactly is wrong with the icons? Maybe if you have better ones you can show them off? As long as they aren't anything like the stupid Monkey icons DVD Fab went to...
  22. weisborg

    New PC build

    Hmmm, not too bad of a board. I saw that when shopping. Main thing for me is no SLI capabilities and I do a lot of video editing and gaming, so wanted that option for a future upgrade. From the reviews it looks like the SATA ports get blocked easy by cards. The PCI slots are arranged kinda weird and odd combinations too. My other thing is not having too much onboard. Onboard LAN is nice, but Wifi may have went too far. If it was N and upgradeable to whatever flavors they come up with then maybe. I just never like buying too much combo stuff- TV/VCR, Phone/Answering Machine, etc...one thing goes bad and you waste 2. I had a couple motherboards with bad LAN and ended up having to buy ethernet cards anyway. My onboard on my new Asus seems slow too. It is supposed to be gigabit, but can't keep pace with my other PC that has a gigabit PCI card...
  23. weisborg

    New PC build

    Onboard video and audio really slows a system down. That will be the biggest bottle neck other than drives.
  24. weisborg

    New PC build

    I went cheap and bought a 700Watt Modular PSU from Ultra for $99 at TigerDirect. Came with a free Ultra Grid case too that isn't too bad...needed a little work, but a pretty solid case. They have the 45nm processor there too that everyone else is out of. Got the 8400 Intel and the Asus P5N-D motherboard Friday. Went with 8800 GT EVGA for video too. Pretty impressed so far. The Intel CPU is much easier than AMD to install. Intel's CPU Fans have a little way to go though. Requires too much force and those little plastic pegs just don't seem like they'd hold the amount of tension. The 8800's are long too, if you don't have a big case you'll need to install hard drives first.
  25. weisborg

    Movie Chat

    Jumper was great. saw it with the wife on Valentines Day. We both liked it. They gave it a nice ending that anything could be done with. TV, Prequel, Sequel, Part 2...doesn't matter they all would work. They made it very believable too. And excellent choices of actors.
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