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  1. The only one who can answer this question is LIGHTNING UK!.
  2. Because LIGHTNING UK! has not updated the official download site so far.
  3. German translation for ImgBurn German.zip
  4. German translation for ImgBurn German.zip
  5. Updated German translation for ImgBurn v2.5.3.0 / v2.5.4.0 based on v1.0.0.11. German.zip
  6. Updated German translation for ImgBurn v2.5.2.0 based on v1.0.0.10. German.zip
  7. Most of them won't read the changelog or use the forum because they don't understand English very well.
  8. @ mmalves: I only refer to the interfering programs with "all warning messages will be disabled". It's clear to me that the FAT32 warning won't be disabled if I uncheck "Interfering Programs". @ blutach: For sure - but other people are asking all the time what the new line in the log is and why it appear.
  9. I can understand it and maybe another later released setup (with language files) is possible!?
  10. Thanks for the tip! But if I uncheck "Interfering Programs" all warning messages will be disabled, aren't they? More options (e.g. SPTD, FAT32) would be better if yes - IMHO.
  11. Hi, it would be great if the ImgBurn setup would contain all corresponding language files as well as an auto detection which language should be used. Also an update message or - much better - an auto update of the language file(s) would be very handy. Are there any plans to do this? Best regards, Chaos
  12. Hi, I always recommend ImgBurn as burning program but the new 'error' message regarding SPTD is confusing a lot of (this) people. For this reason I think an option to disable this message would be very helpful - is it possible to add it? Best regards, Chaos
  13. Hi, because not all parts of ImgBurn are translatable - following can be found on the download page: "(**) The language files (can) only translate the main GUI controls - the program's internal hint/warning/error messages and everything that gets written to the log will still be in English." Maybe LUK will add a fully translatable GUI / ImgBurn in the future... EDIT: Too slow for mmalves!
  14. Chaos

    my post

    I want to apologise me for the trouble caused. I hope the discussion will be over now!
  15. Chaos

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    In das Programm eingearbeitet (eingebettet) gibt es ein (ich nenne es Mal Modul) um Wechseler anzusprechen / zu steuern. Da die Begriffe aus dem Englischen Stammen l
  16. Chaos

    my post

    Das hatte ich bereits "besser"
  17. Yes, you are right! But it should be no problem to add a small note to the download page anyway.
  18. Hi, it seems to confuse some people that ImgBurn isn't completely translated in the selected language with the translation / language file. It would be better to inform people about that (on the download page). Maybe it would help to add the information in native language (e.g. German): Momentan ist es nicht m
  19. Thanks, dontasciime, for the hint! I installed a new version of Alcohol 120% which caused the problem - changed settings in it and all problems are gone.
  20. Hi, I'm using several -RW and +RW but I can't burn any of them because ImgBurn detects them as DVD-ROM: The build-button is greyed-out, quick or full erase let me choose which media. But after an succesful erase (?) I can't burn. The build-button can now be clicked but after doing this I get an error message like 'Media not erased' and the button is greyed-out again. Also 'current profile' changes from DVD-ROM (after inserting), to DVD-+RW (after erasing) and than to DVD-ROM (after clicking build-button). The RWs are different speeds etc. and I never had a problem with them.
  21. It would be nice and helpfull to get an email or a PM when the language resource file is updated. Also an online check for an updated language file which is currently used would be nice. Maybe the download page should be changed to, e.g.: German / Deutsch To help people to find the correct language file.
  22. Thanks for the info! I hope the hard coded strings will be added in the foreseeable future. The GUI is a good start, I think, too.
  23. The language resource file is missing some strings, e.g. "BTW, your current firmware version is: " Will the missing strings added later to the file?
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