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Ok, i've read on the subject on WIKIPEDIA but,


does anyone here uses them instead of DVD+RW and DVD-RW?


Cuz looks like the discs have a built-in error control and defect management system....

Which would make DVD-RAM better than DVD+RW and DVD-RW i guess.....


Anyways, my drive doesn't support writing to DVD-RAM,,,,

i didn't know that before purchasing....


What do you guys think about DVD-RAM in general?

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Dpends what you wanna use it for. Get a USB stick instead - they're faster and won't suffer the same degradation as a DVD RAM disc (and gee, those DVDRAMs are expensive discs).



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all that RAM discs are good for is if you have a RAM capable recorder for your TV( mainly Panasonic) . and then only any good if you transfer the data via a RAM capable drive onto your PC for editing.


With RAM discs, your better off buying quality, like Pansonic, rather than any other non-descript brands. trust me. The decent ones last a long time, the non desript ones last about 3 months :(

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