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W 21:32:32 Failed to Read Sector 294 - Reason: Logical Unit Communication CRC Error (ULTRA-DMA/32)

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HI to all Went and bought my shinny new burner to day .Installed it and tried to use it and the below is what it gave me .DId I do something wrong or did it do it self tried to burn two different games back ups .because of little fingers. So if you could tell me what to do to fix this problem would be greatly appreciated and the simpler the term would really help. still learning .So thanks to all of you, who try to teach. I am using Verbatim disc. this is second log first was a mile long both had same error.







Current Profile: DVD+R DL


Disc Information:

Status: Complete

Erasable: No

Sessions: 1

Sectors: 3,697,696

Size: 7,572,881,408 bytes

Time: 821:44:46 (MM:SS:FF)



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to Shamus it looks like i'm using a 40 wire. Not sure if i can use an 80 wire. Is their a difference. I'm useing old optic plex gx110 p3. Can i use the 80 wire if so where can i get one (geek squad) or best buy .on the box it says that 80 wire ide cable is only need for 16x or higher dvd writing speed only burning at 4 or 2.4x speed===========================================================================

=========================================================================---- to Lighting PRICE didn't know that it was already three years old in the box,in the store were everything is new lol.they don't put that info on the outside .It shouldn't be to late to take back,Just bought yesterday at best buy. I'm not asking for indorsement .But what would you reconmend in the under 100 dollar range.Don't really need the light scribe scine the verbatim i'm using are not light scribleable. How are the Lg DVD burners=========================-----===========================================================================--to mmalves just updated to new version thanks everyone for the help

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thanks lightning going to take drive back and try the Lg brand the place i could find reveiws on said they were prety good .well the good thing at least i updated my nero from 6 to verison 8 thanks for the help will get back here if i need more help thanks again

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