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I know that you want ImgBurn to remain a burning program only... And DVD Decrypter only makes images of actual DVD's, not Cd's


I like the functions of ImgBurn especially the queuing options... How possible would it be to make a CD copy program, similar to the old CDR-WIN that we can use to simply use to make massive copies of Cd's- Data, Svcd's Audio.


We would not have to "decrypt" anything, just make a direct digital copy.


Right now I use Alcohol 120, but that program installs drivers that cause an In-Place Install of XP to Fail.


I dunno, I still use DVD Decrypter and I love Imgburn, both programs burn MUCH better than Nero, Roxio, or Alcohol, and I have never had the programs REJECT any of my DVD or CD units.


I used to see you post over at Afterdawn and elsewhere, so I know you peep in here on occasion. Any chance for something like a regular CD-copying front end, something that makes either ISO images or Bin-Cue images.


If you can, that would be swell, but I will never ever stop using DVD Decrypter and ImgBurn. I'll never stop giving DVD Decrypter to people who want it, as long as it continues to work.


I am wondering just as an aside, which was do you think it will tumble with the HD DVD's - Do you prefer Sony Blue Disk or the inferior but more popular X-Box thing?


I would prefer any High D DVD trhat held 50 GB of Data over one that holds only 30 GB.


a 50 GB DL HD-DVD would be a great thing for me, as I am constantly creating gigantic DATA files and backing them up, and even when I use DL DVD's I have to split the archive images.

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