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Need an alternative to God?


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Has God let you down one too many times before in the past? Have you felt let down? Beaten up by the Universe? Then, why not try these two alternatives?



Pastafarianism: simply surrender your life over to the Flying Spaghetti Monster!




and the holy text and tenants of Pastafarianism:





Flying noodles and balls of meat not your thing? Then, why not fly up to Heaven with Frisbeetarianism?






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Have you forgotten??????





How could I forget the almighty clip art? :lol: I didn't include the Bob because if you are already worshipping Bob, you don't need an alternative to God. :D UNLESS you're blaspheming Bob and saying that people need an alternative to Bob? :o




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"Is there any chance I will reach the Nineteenth Heaven, oh Brahmin?" asked Omni.


"It depends," replied the Brahmin, "on what kind of life you lead."


"I try to be a good citizen, a good husband, a good father, a good friend. I sometimes lend money without interest to the rich; I give to the poor. I preserve peace among my neighors."


"But," asked the Brahmin, "do occasionally stick nails into your bottom?" [ :ermm: ]


"Never, reverend father."


"I am sorry," the Brahmin replied, "you will certainly never attain the Nineteenth Heaven."




from the short story, Badabec

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