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'-boot-info-table' support in ImgBurn


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Hey rasheed ... how's it goin' eh?


I went and got WinCDEmu 3.0 ... I'll give that one a try because the upgrade of my Win XP Pro O/S to SP3 didn't resolve the BSOD issue with VCD5435b.


I may also try the disable A/V suggestion as well (I'm using AVG Anti-Virus Free 8.5, but not for long ... they keep hammering away at me with an upgrade to 9.0 offer pop-up ... really annoying) ... thanks for the help. FFF

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rasheed ... that WinCDEmu 3.0 seemed to do the trick ... no more BSOD on restart and it functions similarily to VCD5435b.


Thanks much eh?


P.S. never did get around to testing VCD5435b installed to O/S on restart w A/V disabled ... kinda' academic at this point ...


You are welcome :)

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