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Can't burn CDI Image files.


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Everytime I load the image ImgBurn keeps giving me this error message:


"Invalid or unsupported image file format!"


What does this mean? The image burns fine with Alcohol 120, but I'd rather use ImgBurn :)


Can we fix this issue?

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Can we have the log from the failed burn?


Unfortunately, there is no log of the failed burn. This is because ImgBurn refuses to load the CDI file in the first place so burning is not possible.




I'd need the first 5mb of the file so I can see why it's not being accepted.


If you can do that and email it to me, I'll either fix it or tell you why it can't be done.



Hi LIGHTNING UK, I'd like to help you out.


How should I get you the first 5MB of the file? What software should I use?


Also, I tested burning with Alcohol and it worked fine. So the image file seems fine to me.

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Alcohol probably have the file specs for CDI images, I do not.


I guess the first question should have been to ask what sort of image you think it is? Is it a DVD, a CD, an Audio CD?


ImgBurn would only work with DVD or basic CD Images.


Search the forum for 'grab5m'. It's a little tool I wrote for this very purpose. Sorry but it need to be run via the command line - so I hope you are semi familiar with that!

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Hey, grab5m is a great little tool :)


Here is the 5MB file you wanted:




Also, it is a CD image file. Definitely not a DVD or Audio image either.. if that means anything.


Let me know what you can find out. I hate Alcohol because it is too bulky. ImgBurn is nice and simple for my likeings :)

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Yes, it is possible that this image file is a GD-ROM. I don't know about the audio track though.


Anyways, is there any specific reason why ImgBurn only supports basic single session/single track images?


I remember now that I had a problem burning an image file a few weeks ago because it was multi-session or something like that. Alcohol came to the rescue that time as well.


I'd really like to use ImgBurn as my only image burner, but why does it not support everything liek Alcohol does?

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Erm... because it's new (ish), free and hasn't gotten that far yet ;)


Well, let me tell you. You're doing an excellent job so far!


I am really very happy with ImgBurn and I'm 100% sure it will only get better as time progresses.


Keep it up. And thanks for the fast replies. :)

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