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Anyone ever question, while watching Tiny Toons, why Elmer, even though he's now a teacher at Tiny Toons University, how he is able to repress the urge to grab a shot gun and take pot shots at Buster?  :devil:


one more like that db and you'll not only be IT


you'll be corny or what =))


Oh, and I'm going to add this is my first post :thumbup:


thats very corny

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Corny is corny

Daniel will be IT (When and if he gets here) Shall I give him an invite? :thumbup: Hay he helped me out remember :D

Jill will be MissIT when she gets here

I forget what I was :whistling:


Opps!! Told you all I was not good with names. ITS johnson not daniel, but daniel can substitute till johnson gets back :thumbup:


Out buddy johnson is doing some honorable things and we should all stand by him :thumbup:

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