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Upload Avatar Image To Profile

Daystrom M5

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Not sure where else to put this.


I would like to add an Avatar to my profile but the only options given are "Enter a URL to an online avatar image" or "enter your Gravatar e-mail address".


Can an "Upload image from your computer" option be added to the profile Avatar options ?

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I had uploaded my avatar image for this forum to my free geocities page. Now that geocities has closed I am once again avatar-less.


I will look into free web space from my ISP.


Why is it that I can simply upload my personal picture but need an IP address for an Avatar ?

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I just noticed this under "Help".


"Help Topic: Your Control Panel (My Controls)


Edit Avatar Settings:

You can view and manage your personal avatar from here. You may choose an avatar from the board's gallery, link to an offsite image (the image will be resized if it is larger than the dimensions allowed by the board administrator) or upload an image from your computer to use as your avatar."




I have another quick question.


How do I change my "Member Title" as shown under "My Information" on my profile ?


I will start a new topic if you want me to.

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