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I'm relatively new to burning dvds. For whatever reason, I've never had any cause to copy, burn, or rip cds/dvds in any capacity.


Until very recently, I had to copy some .avi files into a format playable on a dvd player. Like most people, I assumed Nero was the best and most expedient way to accomplish the task.


The program is very reasonably priced, so why not, right?


I know the program works very well for many, including many of my friends and colleagues. While it installed smoothly on my desktop running windows 7 64 bit, I was unable to burn a disk successfully! After converting my avi files to dvd format, the burning process would not complete. I tried 5 new disks with each resulting in a similar failure to complete the burning process.


Frustrated, I decided to search for alternatives to Nero stumbling on ImgBurn. It worked! The program is intuitive, easy to manipulate, and has successfully burned all of dvds.


Great program. And, the best part, it isn't 200+ MBs of bloatware.

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