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imgburn problem burning xbox360 DL images


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360 is a nice machine i bought 2 one for me one for my son.


Likely hood of a chip this time round is slim, the rom drives firmware have been hacked a little though and along with wybi dvdinfo pro and a couple of other programs, allows backups to run but only on DL media.


The image quality of the 360 is fantastic when used at 720p or 1080i cant notice any diff so i run at 720p.


Saying that the older xbox can also run at 720p and it look amazing also, infact you get the feeling your using the 360. This is only available when used with high def pack and NTSC, as ms decided to disable this feature on xbox for PAL users. Enigmah to the rescue again /


Only a handful of xbox games support 720p though.


The media section on 360 has been crippled , unless you own a media centre PC.

You can hook it up to xp pro etc and use media connect, but can only stream photos, and music (vid was crippled for xp-pro 2 360 etc)


Games written to the metal of 360 are stunning, unfortunately there are only a couple the rest are money grabbing ports with no added features to merit release on new platform.


360 v ps3, maybe urban myth, but ex employee from i think ubisoft leaked , that the demo of the exclusive game to be released on ps3 at some show or another, was actually running on a 360 as ps3 version would not have been able to run it as was.


360 is worth having when they drop the games price to ?15 new and they write to the machines strength.


Gears of war is an up and coming title which is supposed to be stunning.

Maybe hype, won't know till i see it running.


Wii, maybe worth having just depends on what Nintendo allow developers to run, instead of Kiddie friendly games

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