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Failed Burn is still a success..

XrX ca

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OK, I've whined enough, this time it's positive feeback, burning backup images off a network drive last night, when the hosting machine died creatively (never a good sign when smoke comes out of a machine...*)


Of course the disk being burned failed, but Imgburn still finalized it which gave me a disk that I can actually read, and access files in the portion of the image written to that point. This was a surprise as I've had read errors before with other software and they've alway just aborted without trying to close the disk, hello coaster.


And in this case it's a really good thing as the backup of the configuration files off the dead machine just happened to be in the first third of the dvd in question which means I have the most current backup of those files while I'm rebuilding. :D


So thanks for doing it right.


* Everyone does know that electronic devices run on smoke don't they? Let the smoke out and they quit working....

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