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Error trying to check profile


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While trying to check my own profile by clicking on my name on the top right hand,


The context box reads:

my profile

my settings

my content

messenger (0 new)

manage friends

manage ignored users


So I click on 'my profile' and I get this instead:


An Error Occurred


Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information.


[#10245] You are not permitted to view member profiles.



I tried clearing cookies,cache,etc, but it still persists.


Also where do I edit my sig? I've looked under the help section and it says:


Change About Me Page

Here you can change the content of the 'about me' section on your profile.


Change Signature

Here you can change your signature that is displayed at the bottom of posts.


Change Photo

Here you can change your photo that is displayed in your profile and other areas on the community.


Change Avatar

Here you can change your avatar which is the image that displays next to your posts.


Manage Ignored Users

Here you can manage your ignored users. You can choose to ignore all posts from a member, block them from sending you personal messages, or both.


But when I go to my profile all I see is Change About Me, Change Photo, Change Avatar, Manage Ignored Users, but no Change Signature? I even checked Change Profile Information, still not there. What gives?

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If you have the original Discworld I and II discs, you should check out the ScummVM Project. All you need to do is copy the game files over, and ScummVM will run it for you. :D


Plus you can run other classic point-and-click games as well as other dos/win games that won't run on XP/Vista/7.

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