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I don't know if it is because of the drive, or if it is with imgburn, but I have noticed when the burner is about to jump to L1, burning briefly pause until it switches to L1 and resumes, is this by the drive or just the way imgburn handles DLs?


The only basis I have to compare is that I had a working laptop, and the drive on that was also a supermulti, but when I burned DLs with that I had Nero 8, and each time I burned DLs, the burning process was continuous, the disc never sped down or anything, it just went seamlessly.


Now I am using an LG supermulti drive along with imgburn instead of Nero, but I am wondering, is it imgburn responsible for the speed down and pause during the layer jump, or is it the drive? And why is there is brief pause? Or maybe Nero actually pauses as well its just that I never noticed?

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