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Suggestions for a new DVD burner?


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I can recommend the one that LightningUK recommended for me. The LiteOn iHAS324 B internal SATA drive. I've only had it for a week so I can't say what my experience with it really is yet. If you're going to get that drive, make sure it's the B version is what he told me. If you're in the US, you can get it where I got it, from NewEgg.com here:





I used to recommend NEC/Optiarc now Sony/Optiarc drives, but, the last two I've had died within 2 months and 5 months respectively. Whereas before, I was getting a good 2 years out of NEC drives.



My thus far experience with the LiteOn has been that 8x DVD+R DL's don't really write much beyond 5.7x average write rate. The 6x DVD-RW actually writes at 4x until after about 2 minutes when it then goes to 6x. 8x DVD+RW does something similar, writing at 6x for about 2 minutes then it goes to 8. Anything that takes less than 2 minutes to burn burns at the said lower rate. The NEC's I had before never had these step down speeds. 8x DVD+R DL wrote at 8x for a good deal longer than the LiteOn. And 6x DVD-RW wrote at 6x the entire time; 8x DVD+RW wrote at 8x the entire time. But, with the Optiarcs now dying on me so quickly, I really can't recommend them. Well, I wouldn't get another one. :) Here's to hoping that this LiteOn does better! :luck:

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