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Close drive after primera autoloader job


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Just wanted to add that minor suggestion to imgburn.


When doing a job using a primera publisher unit the final job leaves the drive tray open after completion.


It's more cosmetic then practical but closing the drives after a job could help prevent dust (or critters) from exploring into the drive during downtime between jobs.

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Can you please just do/confirm the following for me:


1. Go into Write mode (Write image file to disc) and select the drive in your autoloader as the destination drive.

2. Click the 'View Changer Control' button (next to the load/eject buttons).

3. Click the 'Unload' button.


I would have assumed your autoloader then ejects the drive tray, picks up the disc, drops it in the output bin/chute and closes the drive tray again.


What you seem to be suggesting is that it ejects the drive tray, picks up the disc, drops it in the output bin/chuute and that's the end of it.


What would be ideal is if you could get me a video showing exactly what it does when you hit the unload button! Do you have a camera / camera phone?!

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Hey Ligthning!,


Thanks for the response.


I'm in Hawaii, my timezone might be a little off from yours and also here in the states we are celebrating a Holiday. I am uploading a video that shows the operation right now as we speak to youtube. ETA for upload completion is 24 minutes then youtube does their own conversions. Once their conversion is complete I will post a link for you to view the video.


If you need anything else, let me know. I may not be able to assist you till tomorrow though as I will be out of my home all day today. I'll get that link to you as soon as youtube emails it to me.


Thank you for all your support, I am looking forward to your next release :)


Have a great day!





Heres the video you requested.





I've been looking at the sdk and there is a initialize bravo command you can send as the first load function.


This would tell the bravo to eject tray and the robotic arm would check the tray first and remove the disc if any are found before loading the tray to prevent double stacking if a disc is already in the tray. All subsequent jobs would use the standard load function.

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