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how create a dvd from iso


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Hy. i have an ISO UDF image file (created by ImgBurn from a TS file). ok.


i would like to get a dvd (with dvd folder video_ts...).


I opened ImgBurn> burn image to disk.



and....I get the same TS file on my dvd+r dl!!!


no. i would get a "normal" dvd+r dl for playback on a standalone bd player.

can you help me?


also file TS (from dvb-t) > iso 1:1 (without reencoding nor compressing it!) > "normal" dvd structure for standalone dvd player. is it possible?


thanks a lot.

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Thank you for your reply!


sorry I'm newbie.


dvdflint crashes and stop working. convertxtodvdv is sheraware.


that is what i need:


dbv-t decoder > file TS (mpeg2 or mpeg4-avc 4.0, splitted to 2GB, 2GB, ...) >usb pen drive

> my pc > join with Tssplitter and joiner > a big TS file

> ...some processing????.... > burn on a dvd+r dl > playback on oppo83.


it seems to be very very hard for me...

i tried multiavchd,

I'm sorry that multiavchd dont handle mp2 audio (without asyncronization).


thanks a lot for helping me.


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