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Help - BD ISO burn slow -> crash


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Hi All,

i am new to this forum and hope someone can help on this topic or if other have experianced the same.

I am looking to backup my blurays.

I have used DVDFAB to backup a film (shrek 3 3d) which is in iso format. (just under 50gb)


i am using a bd-re (tdk) i set my speed as max 2x (which is what the blank media will support)


however when it starts writing it will write at about 0.8x - 0.9x. then as the process continues maybe around 20% the speed gets slower and slower 0.3x to 0.1x to 0.0x and just fluctuates at v low speed.. best i have got is upto about 55% before it just errors.


anyone know what the issues is that causes this ?

(attached is a screen shot of the burn as i speak..)




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If it starts burning BD-RE at sub 1x then chances are that you've got spare areas enabled on the disc (defect management).


Your drive will therefore be verifying every bit of data I tell it to burn as it goes along - hence the slow speed.


It's no doubt getting slower and slower because the drive is having to remap loads of failed sectors, and then eventually it's just running out 'good' ones to use and that's when you see the I/O Error (which is NOT a crash).


If your drive won't burn to that media nicely, get a different disc.

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