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Have you only burnt 1 at 2.4x?


Maybe it was just a fluke.


Anyway, as I've said time and time again, 2.4x isn't always the best speed to burn at.


You've kinda proved that to yourself right there by getting a fully readable burn at 4x and an unreadable burn at 2.4x.


Slower doesn't always equal better.


I wonder if your samsung drive supports performing disc quality/pipo scans in the likes of CDSpeed / Opti Drive Control / DVDInfoPro ?


It might be worth giving it a try - then you'll be able to see the burn quality for yourself.

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So what do you mean by see the burn quality? It actually says how stable it is or something? And seeing as how it may have been a fluke, would you recommend round two?


It's just, I've got this stupid idea in my head that even though 4x produces good burns, that burning at 2.4x would maybe make the graphics more stable if you get what I'm saying, is there really any substance to this notion?

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So what do you mean by see the burn quality?


A burnt disc is not simply good or bad, there's like a million levels of each :P


Drives have to compensate for media errors all the time - there's no such thing as a perfect / error free disc. It's only the really bad errors that cause a totally unreadable sector - the ones a 'Verify' will pick up on.


Take a look in the drives/media forums. We've tested lots of discs/drives and posted burn quality scans (mainly from DVDInfoPro). I'm sure if you just Google 'PIPO disc quality' you'll find lots of info about it. The MyCE (CDFreaks) forums are also full of such scans.


...is there really any substance to this notion?


No :)


What you want is the best quality burn possible, which in turn makes it the most readable.


An easy to read disc makes for a decent/steady transfer rate and that means you won't have a problem with the drive spinning up and down - and that's what extends loading times and can make video skip/jump/glitch.


In any case, don't you use the hdd installation feature on your console? That way you don't have to suffer the drive spinning noise and loading times are much shorter.

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Actually no, I havent installed a disc onto the xbox, maybe I should try though. So there really is no difference between burning at 2.4x and 4x in terms of disc quality i.e framerate issues or graphical jaggies, and you think i should just leave it? Just to clarify like :)

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Yes, definitely try.


There's always a difference in quality when you burn at different speeds, otherwise they probably wouldn't offer you any sort of selection. The thing to remember is that the 'best' speed could be *any* of the ones on offer.


It's only by burning at each speed and testing the discs (PIPO/disc quality scan as I mentioned earlier) that you can really see which is which. Of course if you always get flat out failures (where verify fails) at one speed and not at another then you should avoid using that one!


The data is digital so if it's physically readable, the picture will always be exactly the same.

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YOU SO SMARRRRRRRRRT lol. I'll look into the Scan, but what you're saying makes perfect sense. If 2.4x was so superior, it would have effing worked right? I haven't had any problems making backups on 4x up to this point, but I'm the kinda guy who keeps trying to straighten the portrait to the perfect angle and all the while he doesnt notice his house burning down :)I'll update as soon as i get some results.

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OK, got some updates.


First of all, I tried to get the burn quality program that was suggested, but it said that it was not compatable with my drive so that was out.


So taking a pot shot, i tried burning at 2.4x one more, to test Lightning's thory that it was infact a fluke. It both burned and verified wihout a problem and booted in the console without fail, so I don't know whether it was a bad disc or maybe some of the settings i selected were ill-advised, but I guess on the whole it's a choice of either 4x burn and guaranteed success, or 2.4x burn and maybe some inconsistency.


I will get back if I find out anything else on the matter.

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Truth be told my friend, I think the reason the 2.4x didnt work first time is because I didnt manually change the booktype which I usually do and some other settings were not as they should have been. I'm very happy with the burns at 4x, they are flawless. I just wanted to see for myself if 2.4x had any kind of edge over 4x so that my mind would have definitive proof. My test involved burning the same game at both speeds to see if there was increased stability or changes in the composition.


I have done that, and can safely tell everyone....there isn't. Atleast not noticeable while playing. Ofcourse one speed could produce a higher quality percentage than the other, but in the areas that really matter (playability, graphics etc.) they were both exactly the same.


So there you go people, burning at 2.4x rather than 4x isn't really necessary, it's all basically dependant on your media/drive capabilites.




Next week on Mythbusters........

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