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Mono As stero


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I have a bunch of mono WAV files.

When I burn them to an Audio CD, the result is audio on only 1 ear.


To have IMG Burn to burn mono files to both tracks (i.e. left and right) would be great.

I'd save an enough amount of space on my hard-drive





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If you knew it was mono to begin with, usually it should be implied that you would have to alter it from the beginning yourself. I don't know of any program, even the 'famous' Nero burning suite that will reprocess files if they do not meet Audio CD standards and such (at least not when I used it, but that was a long time ago).


When trying to make certain discs such as AudioCDs, etc, imgburn works under the assumption that all the files are already in their proper format, it is not really imgburn's responsibility to re-process anything.

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Sorry, maybe I wasn't clear...


ImgBurn doesn't process the audio files itself, that's left for DirectShow to do.


You can only burn 44kHz, 16 bit, stereo audio data to a disc in CDDA mode, so any file that doesn't match that format would be processed by DirectShow and converted to it (if possible - if it's not, you'll get an error).


If the DirectShow filters take your mono wave file and spew out 'stereo' data with the audible sound only coming out of the left/right channel (speaker) then I'm afraid it's out of my hands.


Load your mono wave in the 'Create CUE File' window, right click it and pick the 'Display DirectShow Filter List' option from the menu.


Let me know what it says (via copy + paste / screenshot etc)

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