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Verify Option in IBQ or Force Verify by Media ID

XrX ca

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It would be nice if you could specify verify in the ibq file.


My reasoning for this is that we are now burning update disks for our clients every month, and at the same time we burn backups copies for our archives (Not totally necessary, but falls in the can't hurt department) They are burnt alternating (Client/Backup/Client/Backup...) and in order to speed up the process slightly it would be nice if the backup copies didn't get verified (we can rebuild any of them if we had too) but I want to leave the verify enabled for the client copies.


There are two ways this could be handled, the easiest (from my point of view) is an additional flag at the end of the line in the IBQ file, a second but not as definite method would be to be able to set a "Force Verify" option for different media id's the same way a speed can be set (thank you for that option by the way, my suggestion and the quick response to it was a part of the reason we donated)


Some would say just burn all the clients copies first then the turn off verify and burn all the backup copies, but the backup copies are also a bit of an audit process, if we have X backup copies to file, we know that X client copies were burned (they may not get sent out (it's happened) but they did get burned.)




Oops, just saw I asked for this same thing (verify in IBQ) back in 2006 and was rebuffed, so expect no change now, oh well.

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