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changing booktype on ASUS


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I'm a new comer so hi everybody


I just know basic functions of the imgburn so please don't be surprise of my questions.

I changed one of the DVD reader on my computer before I had a LG and a LITE-ON so was very easy to find the OEM media to change the setting for the DVD+R DL into DVD-ROM, now with the ASUS I don't know what to do can someone hlp me please.


My media is ASUS DRW-22B2L

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The drive should automatically booktype DVD+R DL media to DVD-ROM by itself, you don't need to do anything.


If you're having a problem please explain it in details and also post the log of that burn.



Thanks But I have been told that only DVD-R are set as DVD-ROM ad the +R have to be set manually as I did on the LG anyway I am having problem to burn an ISO file the DVD is not functioning on my car navigator system even the computer read it normally.

Last year for the 2010 version I did it with the Verbatim 8xDVD-R DL now I can't find anymore this media support, only 4x and it doesn't work so I tried with +R TDK and Verbatim.

I have been told from the navigators forum that this Disk is hard to make it someone did it with TDK 8x DVD+R DL and someone did it with the verbatim 8x DVD-R DL I have found only the TDK +R or the Verbatim +R.

I think I have even problem from the beginning cause on the log file I have already a message with the start of the imgburm. See The file.



Please I need suggestions

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Only DVD+R media can have the booktype changed, while DVD-R media can't be changed.


As for the log you posted, it doesn't show you burning anything, so scroll further to find the part from when you burned a disc and paste that session.


Also you should update your ImgBurn.




this is the log for the last try with the navigation disk I did it with old LITE-ON that now I have disassembled



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The DRW-22B2L is handled automatically by ImgBurn ( anyway), you don't need to mess with any booktype stuff.



Thank for your reply and sorry to disturb you.


For lightning uk


I try to burn a navigation disk on verbatim 8xDVD+R DL that you have described as the best with imgburm with the lower speed 4x and

I wasted it cause the result is a DVD+R and not a DVD-rom so my navigator doesn't read it.

Maybe I didn't understand what you mean by saying the ASUS set the DVD+R automatically and no need to change the booktype.

Can you please help me.

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