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I can burn a data disc, but not read it. x-219


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for others,,,,FYI

Burning data discs (no video) 100 % text and jpgs

ok , using w7 (in each case) with Nec AD7170a burner desktop

i am burning 2 gb web pages on do DVD-R 8000 files

never a problem with small number of large files. like videos...


but what huge number of files (has 4000 photos and 600 htmls)

i made the dumb mistake of using level 219 in advanced restrictions (im using all 3 , ISO9660-joilet+ udf) i had issues with long names... and nesting.depths.


i find out that my 7170a can not read the disc. after a burn, so made 2 discs, same fails. Coasters are fun.?

tried disk in old 2004 laptop Dell , failed

then, when over to wifes desktop with Toshiba 5112 dvd reader, and it works like gang busters.same, works with sons NEC ND3550A. (a fulltest)


lesson learned.

i guess i should have ISO imaged and burned the whole folder after zipping, it.

and not use x 219 extreme and RTM on that too. i should...

just because you can write it , you may not be able to read it, even in the same drive, (ouch) (event viewer says block errors in w7)

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