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How much crap have you got on your home network?


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An interesting question, is it not? The explosion of UPnP devices, mobile phones (cellphones), media servers and players, laptops, palmtops, XBoxes, PS3s, PSPs, IPads, Wii's etc in the last 10 years has been simply astonishing. All of these gadgets connect to your home network in one way or another. Adding to that list are servers, NAS units, routers, switches and hubs.


What I'm curious about is this: How many devices do you have attached to your own network? This isn't a pissing contest to see who has the best setup. I'd like those of you who visit this forum to give an honest account of your home network.


20 years ago home networks didn't exist.


10 years ago a home network was a pretty rare thing. The proliferation of XBMC on the original XBOX changed the world forever IMHO.


5 years ago most people were still asking "What's a network?"


Today, the demand for streaming services is staggering --- which brings me back to my original question, How much crap have you got on your home network?


If you tell me what you have, I'll do the same.

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To be honest, I still don't have a home network. :o All I've got is my cable network attached to my PC. My PS 3 is in my room since I only use it as a disc player. I probably some software that installs home network interfaces that are running, but, I don't use them.

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No network? Your PS3 would make a decent media client combined with some decent software like Plex or PS3MediaServer. (Both free). There's heaps you could do with a set up like this if you wanted to. Cheap, too.


I was hoping for more than one response. Anyhow, here goes.


2 x desktop pc (down from 8 a few years ago)

3 x laptops

2 x qnap859 nas server

1 x qnap659 nas server

2 x xbox

3 x ps3

1 x psp

2 x apple tv2

2 x ipad

1 x iphone

1 x nintendo wii

1 x nintendo ds lite

1 x noontec media client

1 x astone media client

1 x wireless repeater

1 x network printer

3 x network switches


and lastly (and obviously)


a router.



That's about it. :bag:

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My PS 3 is another room from where my PC is. So, I don't know how well, if at all, I could set it up for a network.


My PC is in a different room than your PC but we're still talking to each other, aren't we? ;) Run a line from your ps3 to your router or network it using the inbuilt wireless. I prefer a wired connection myself. It's a lot faster.

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