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Use DVD-Rebuilder v1.10.4 or higher.


Added a new "ImgBurn Directly to Disc (No ISO)" option under the "Mode" menu. When selected this option will, at then end of DVD file creation, automatically burn to disc using the newest version of ImgBurn. Note -- the option is only enabled if you have ImgBurn v2.0.0.0 or greater installed on your computer. No ISO file will be created on your hard drive when using this option. ImgBurn is highly recommended and can be downloaded at www.imgburn.com.
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Ach, it is too simple.




1. In the file menu, select write ISO image to disc and then double click the ISO to burn with ImgBurn; or


2. In the mode menu, tick either "Output to ISO Image file" or "ImgBurn directly to disc" (preferred and easiest method).



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