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Is there a way to create a Windows XP installation disc from Windows7?


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I see from the guides that there is a method for creating a bootable WinXP installation from WinXP, but the instructions state, "it won't work if you're running Vista or newer." I searched the forums, but don't find a way around this.


The guide:



Is there a way around this roadblock?


I lost my Windows XP machine to a crashed hard disk. I found out later that my original WinXP installation disks (I have 2 -- full retail and upgrade) won't work on an HDD larger than about 130 GB. I tried reducing the boot partition on my laptop to a smaller size, but it stops just above the limit and won't go any smaller.


I've tried installing on other HDDs, but keep getting a blue screen "Stop" error ("0x0000007E"), regarding pci.sys. I'm not entirely certain, but this seems to be related to the newer mother boards I have in use. It seems the only way around this is to create an install with SP2 or 3 slipstreamed. I even found a method for installing onto an external HDD. I have one that's about 80 GB, but keep getting the same blue screen.


I would like to install WinXP, but I don't have WinXP running on any of my computers.


I welcome any suggestions.

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There is a limitation in XP that can't acces partition larger than 137 GB. Windows XP with at least SP1 slipstreamed should have no problem.


In that guide there is a link to a KB article where it explains the simptom: When you try to install Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) from a Windows XP SP3 ISO or CD that has been manually slipstreamed, your product key is not accepted.


Down the page states there is no problem with SP1 and SP2 so you should try making a disc with at least SP1 and try with that. Use your full retail (not the upgrade) disc with SP1 or SP2 and it should work.


As an advise, try removing from the computer all the components connected (pci cards, USB pendrives, printers etc.) leaving only the minimum components thats needed to boot up the computer.

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Depending on your Windows 7 version you can install Windows XP Mode and do the integration inside of it.


Thanks @mmalves. Yes, I have Win7 Pro and XP mode, but find it somewhat unsatisfactory, especiallty with regard to graphic support.

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