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Do I need ImgBurn


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I can assume your directory had DVD-ROM files in it or you had one of the build options incorrectly set.


In any event, there's no need to be sarcastic.


Tell you what ... we'll give you a full refund of the cost of the prog. How's that? Hope that makes the grumps go away.





Didn't mean to come off as a grump, just sharing some frustration as someone very new to this, trying to complete a task offered with a resource(DVD Burner) on my new laptop.


That's the beauty of these great forums, please don't get me wrong, I appreciate all the feedback, comments, and ImgBurn software. It is and will surely be a useful tool for burning.



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Dell1405, Kind of a touchy thing this is, Lots of posters compare Img to other programs that can clone this and duplicate this. Trying to answer there questions is hard because those "other" programs include processes which we are unable to discuss on this forum. Searching for answers is best for those and then returning to IMg forum for any answers to problems using Imgburn to burn. :) Its fustrating for us as well..... :/:( .

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yea, well, ummm, errrr , was showing off for some * cough cough * lovely company last night lfc Wanted to show my eloquent side........... shame she had to leave this morning............... :P:lol: .

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So previously, if I wanted to duplicate a DVD that I owned, I would shrink it down with DVD Shrink, then burn it with DVD Decryptor. Nothing illegal about that... The problem is, it worked so well and so easy, I got to lazy to understand the process. The Decryptor got unfairly killed by men in black. So now I am stuck with a few questions...


What program was allowing me to make a copy by bypassing the copy protections? Was it DVD Shrink or DVD Decrypter?


If it was DVD Decryptor then I am lead to think that I am going to have to find a program that will accomplish this task, and even though this is my first day on this forum, I know enough not to ask for advise on what program to get.


I still have both of those programs mentioned, the problem is, is that I know want to start getting into backing up my DVDs with double layer disks. I assume this removes DVD Shrink as a tool to use becuase it sounds like A) If I am burning without the need to reduce the size, I no longer need to shrink it B) I assume that Decryptor allowed me to burn through the copy protections but because I am not educated enough about Decryptor's abilities, I don't know if Decryptor is the only program I need to back-up a full size backup of a comercial DVD that I own.


The worst thing is, I don't know if the questions I am asking are allowed, and if they are not allowed, where I should be asking them.


I appologise in advance if you find you must delete this post.

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